New, 'Realistic' Oculus Rift Headset in Development

VRFocus - An investor in Oculus VR, the makers of the Oculus Rift virtual reality (VR) headset, has revealed that the company is working on a new version of the device that goes above and beyond even what's on offer with the second developer kit (DK2). Andreessen Horowitz partner Chris Dixon revealed as much, stating that the company has been working on the new kit inside a special room in its Irvine headquarters.

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1609d ago
extermin8or1609d ago

Sounds impractical and likely wont see release- Facebook wont allow something like this which will likely cost ALOT to make and may not sell loads as surely it would require a high price tag and who has a room to dedicate to this... even if they shrink the tech the cost will increase exponentially for it to see the public anytime in the foreseeable future...

Maxor1609d ago

Maybe some fanboy block is preventing you actually reading the article. It said Facebook decided to buy Oculus Rift for 2 billions after viewing this very device. Their customers include the military, law enforcement and various commercial companies.

extermin8or1608d ago

Yeah and since then they've only made comments about virtual shopping and VR calling people (admittedly the latter could be pretty cool.... but that's not the point.) OH and education which it does have some pretty neat applications for as Sony kinda showed with the NASA partnership if Facebook pushed that kind of thing further then... but atm their company hasn't left it's comfort zone of social media at all so I just can't see it...

starchild1609d ago

How is it impractical? It is a better version of something that many people are already extremely excited about. You don't need a room to dedicate to VR, you can use it sitting down in a chair.

The cost will not increase exponentially. It will likely be around $300 or less.

extermin8or1608d ago

Impractical because the article CLEARLY states it has it's own dedicated room due to the processing power needed it's linked up to several servers.... which implies the tech it's using would need massive shrinking to be useable to most people. I know VR is useable sitting in a chair the article specifies WHY this has a room dedicated to it... I said IF the ech were shrunk into a small enough size to fit in the current designs the cost would go up massively.... and @Consolesstateagain actually no I don't want sony todo it to me VR is very much motion controls 2.0 and I spent alot of time going "please don't let this be the future" when that fad was going on, I intend to do the same here until it's demonstrated to actually be worth the hassle.

user56695101609d ago

I'm guessing your saying that because deep down you want sony to do this. Haters will always be haters. Now people have areason to hate ORift they will come up with every excuse why its going to faile without even waiting to see.

Unlike you me and a lot of people are waiting only for the high end model. Better investment for gaming

mhunterjr1608d ago (Edited 1608d ago )

What are you talking about? There comments since the buyout have primarily been about how the want to first make a dominant gaming device, and the number of headsets they've been continuing to to ship the GAME developers.

Besides, needing a room full of processing power doesn't make it impractical altogether, it just means its impractical for use at home. It's could make a sick gaming attraction at an VRcade, amusement park, or game tournament. Your shortsightedness is dumbfounding.

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LightDiego1609d ago

Wow, another one in development? How about release the first?
VR is just a gimiick.

Muadiib1609d ago

You are exactly the sort of person that would've sworn down that the world is flat back when morons like you believed that and then never apologised when you were proven wrong.

extermin8or1608d ago

And what about those that hated 3D and motion controls and were right that they were fads hmm?