Games We’d Like To See Add VR Headset Support

GamePointsNow looks at how VR could improve some of our favourite titles

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PridedLlama1607d ago

I think Mirrors Edge would seriously make me sick! Alien Isolation would be perfect for this!

HRoach6161607d ago

My top 5 in no order:
-fallout 4
-far cry 4
-minecraft (on Morpheus)
-dying light
-mirrors edge reboot

*Just for fun titanfall 2. Imagine looking up at those beasts and running off walls

BlueCroup1607d ago

I thought about adding Titanfall purely for the mech parts

wheresmymonkey1607d ago

You would throw up soooooo fast trying to play titanfall 2 on VR. I'm not sure haow many peopel would actually dive into the mission either. Funny thing about VR your body thinks it's real even if your brain knows better, so your natural reactions take over.

GentlemenRUs1607d ago

And that is the reason to why I want these VR headsets :P

Ronin_GTChin1607d ago

I'm really looking forward to PCARS and GT7. VR + Race Sim = racing heaven

TheUberAsian1607d ago

Outlast would be perfect lol

nitrogav1607d ago

Why is H1Z1 not on the list ? . Would be awesome !! .

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