The Blackwell Epiphany Review (Strategy Informer)

From "One of the greatest treasures of being a games reviewer is that now and again I get a total surprise. A game I had basically no knowledge of lands on my doorstep (metaphorically), I play it not expecting much and instead discover an absolute gem. Since I'm pretty knowledgeable about most games it's only properly happened to me twice in my gaming career: first for amazing DS puzzle-platformer Henry Hatsworth, and second for indie adventure The Blackwell Deception. I knew nothing about WadjetEye Games or the Blackwell series and yet ended up calling it "one of the best adventures I've played in years". It's still the best adventure game I've played since LucasArts closed. And now the last ever Blackwell game, The Blackwell Epiphany, is finally here. Short version: it's great. Long version: read on.".

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