PS4 Getting Sky Go and NOW TV This Year

Sky sent a press release this morning announcing a new partnership with Sony Computer Entertainment UK to bring the Sky Go and NOW TV services to the British PS4s.

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candy_mafia1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

Both welcome on my PS4 UI, as they are on PS3 :))


Aw shucks UK/EU only!!!!

Flutterby1541d ago

Where is my damn abc Iview tho and I also want anything England gets too lol I want all new episodes of red dwarf streamed straight to my ps4 along with little Britain even tho they stopped making the show "lemon drizzle cake ...lemon drizzle cake ye contain nuts .........The lemon drizzle cake contains nuts" if you have watched little Britain as much as I have you would get that part lol.

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Lulz_Boat1541d ago

In italy we already have SKY ONLINE for PS4.

Why o why1541d ago

Sky was one of the main reasons I kept my 360 until I got an sky go account to use via pc. Glad to see sony jump on it

kingPoS1541d ago


It'll be a long long time before US cable tv operators fully embrace IPTV... if ever.

Gateway MT6706 2008

MonChiChi1541d ago

My provider is IPTV but one of the very few. Really wish they would come out with an app on my consoles, I would be in love as my IPTV top box is some POS.

MaximusPrime_1541d ago

Brilliant news. I use Sky Go a lot.
I really hope that they will increase the limit of devices.

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The story is too old to be commented.