Is No Games With Gold On The Xbox One Such A Bad Thing?

IM PLAYIN are slightly fed up with the fact that Games with Gold still hasn't made its way across to the Xbox One, but it isn't all doom and gloom for one of their writers.

"Yes it is. Well, kind of yes. It’s mostly a bad thing, but the lack of Games with Gold on the Xbox One has led to a series of fortunate events for myself and it could for others too, I guess. I think the best way to look at this is in the long and the short term. That way, I can tell you about the slight benefits as well as bitch / moan about the fact that a lack of Games with Gold really pisses me off."

Edit - An edit has been made on the article regarding the price of an XBL monthly membership, £40 a month was clearly incorrect!

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BX811544d ago

Not a make or break in my opinion but it is nice to get more value for your buck.

hello121544d ago

I got x box live for 22 Euros for 6 months by ordering on Ebay off a German shop site. Don't buy gold in the game shops its a rip off.

I expect an announcement at E3 games with gold for x box 1.

SixtyNine1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

keep in mind, games with gold ain't a rental service. They can't be giving games away for free so soon.

Maybe they should have gone with a rental service like PLUS? GWG will only give away old games, it seems.

hello121544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

There is a downside to PSN plus, giving away (or renting) relatively newer games costs Sony money. They have to be taking a hit somewhere along the line.

Microsoft has gone with giving away games for free, but the games are often a few years old, so the cost of giving them away for free, doesn't hurt Microsoft as much.

Sony couldn't realistically continue with the free online services forever. Had to change for the PS4.

SixtyNine1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

Makes sense. There are folks that literally do not buy certain games because they're waiting for a plus version.

xx4xx1544d ago

I agree.

I think Sony's Plus offers terrific games but I have always wondered how much bleeding it caused for them. It's gotta cost them a ton of money that they are not making up and just accepting the hit (which is great for PS fans).

I also like XBox's free GWG service as well: Sure you can keep them 'forever' even though they are older games.

Either service is a great bonus for fans....but at what point do these free game stop becoming bonuses and start becoming expectations?

system221544d ago

meh... i feel like the games on ps+ are xbl gold are good and all but also seem like old or small titles. the whole reason i got the x1 and the ps4 wasn't so i could play last gen level stuff. maybe my view is a little misguided, but i never get the ps+ titles on the ps4 and i certainly don't miss xbl games with gold on the x1.

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