Xbox One's Price Springs Back Up to $500 Across the US: Discounts Were Only Temporary

Many retailers including Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, Target and Newegg slashed the price of the Xbox One by 50 dollars or more last month, making many erroneously think about an official but stealthy price drop. Things are now going back to normal.

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jessupj1544d ago

This might coincide with the reduction in production of xbones in MS factories.

Retailers are putting the price back up because they're ordering less xbones. Since they have more shelf space for other products they're not so concerned about selling them so quickly.

I'm no market analyst though, so I really wouldn't know.

Abriael1544d ago

I'm pretty sure it was supposed to be temporary to begin with. It's nothing new at retail for things that come with relevant attached sales like accessories or software. You put the price down for a period to kickstart adoption, then when you're satisfied with the sales, you bring it back up.

dontbhatin1544d ago


Whoever really thought that this was a permanent price drop is absolutely insane. Its just the retailers trying to get rid of their bloated stock like they do with everything that they have trouble selling.

Mr Pumblechook1544d ago

The unofficial price drops were so they could try and be NPD's best selling console in March but unfortunately it was not enough and was still outsold by the other console.

Howeverr Phil Spencer is saving news of an official price drop for E3 as his big surprise - perhaps $399 or $299 without Kinect? :). I don't know but next month is going to be fun!

mikeslemonade1544d ago

It was a promotion to move hardware which coincided with a heavily marketed AAA game like Titanfall. However markdowns started.. was it 2 weeks after launch in Costco??

I'm actually suprised they don't keep the price down. I think you guys commenting are lying. Kinda doesn't make sense to up the price again when I see them dropping price in another month. Sales were slow to begin with even with a price mark down.

morganfell1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

They need to drop the price. Have you seen the current sales position for the X1 at Gamestop?

I do not think price is the main issue but it is something they casn effect right now.

Flutterby1544d ago

As an ebgames manager the current trend turning people off the xbone is the fact all the free games are digital download , I have sold more ps4s in the last month than I had the previous months and some people have come in the shop for xbone and after finding out the games are digital they have chosen ps4 instead. I am not sure why but it is the way it is, it seems a lot of people don't want digital games right now at least in australia.

GameSpawn1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

" games are digital download..."

I am assuming it was a digital voucher and not preloaded and locked to the console.

Microsoft's method to bloat game adoption. I bet many were hoping the game would be a bundle in that they could quickly turn around and sell for $10-$20, but with the "free game" being a digital voucher the best they can do is sell the voucher to a friend. Now if the free game was preloaded and locked to the console, than that really would have been a dick move.

4Sh0w1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

The price never drop to a specific price point at most retailers, Amazon for example has been regular price since launch. Some retailers used the Titanfall hype to offer some great deals to increase sales and microsoft themselves offered a Titanfall bundle for the regular X1 price, that's it, there was never a permanent price drop.

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Farsendor11544d ago

was always supposed to be temporary, we might hear of a price drop at e3 if not probably next year.

next year is what im betting on.

Magicite1544d ago

It either means X1 sales will go down slowly or MS got some strong trump to show soon.

Jazz41081544d ago

Its actually good news as it means retailers are selling through the channels. Very simple.

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SG1_dapunisherX1544d ago

hopefully a price cut happen around e3 in june. will it be 50 price drop or 100 to match the ps4 number.

zsquaresoff1544d ago

Another 180 from Microsoft. Think its high time they just renamed it XboxOne80°.

Abriael1544d ago

Microsoft has nothing to do with this. They don't decide what retailers do.

Kiwi661544d ago

don't you even read the article why is it people like you always just assume its microsoft behind those price reductions instead of say maybe Amazon, Target etc

TRD4L1fe1544d ago

you have no clue as to whats happening, do you?


i mean of course they were temporary.

HollowedSoul141544d ago

it was only temporary when they realized that majority of gamers refuse to buy the xbox one whatever the price and that they're idiotic loyal fans will pay full price for less.price drop only works when you sell massive amounts.

LAWSON721544d ago

Already got mine for a good price, hopefully E3 a price cut of at least $50 happens.

esemce1544d ago

If one has no interest in kinect and does not want to be forced to buy it then the Xbone has never been at a 'good' price.

LAWSON721544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

I got mine for $400 (thanks to free $50 gift card) and despite the Kinects motion controls the voice commands are pretty awesome. IMO it was well worth the money so I could play games with friends, which all happen to be on the platform.

There is much more to a system then HW value. Look at Apple iPhone and Macs they maybe underpowered compared to similar priced Window PCs and android phones, but they offer the customer a great package that keeps most of the buyers happy.

I am not trying to say PS4 is not a great package as well but for those who take advantage of what Xbone offers it can be pretty great.

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