Lethal Lance [Capsule Computers]

Frank Inglese Writes:

Side-scrollers are possibly one of my all time favourite video game genres. From “Metroid” to “Castlevania”, “Kirby” to “Metal Slug” and from “Megaman” to “Mario”, I love them all! Luckily for some one like me the mobile stores have an abundance of side-scrolling titles to wet the appetite but not all of them do as good a job as they boast. “Lethal Lance” is a game that I feel fits that description, with what seems like some brilliant visuals and an “old-school” gameplay style it’s kind of hard to pass this one up. Thanks to developers “LL Team” and publishers “BulkyPix” I’ve been given the chance to review “Lethal Lance”. Let’s just see how well it does.

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