Mario Kart 8 weighs in a 4.9GB

Mario Kart 8 may be a bit smaller than most would have predicted. As mentioned on an official Japanese page for the racer, the total download size is just over 4.9GB. Save data takes up at least 149MB of space.

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R00bot1538d ago

Wow, that's actually incredibly small. Nintendo really knows how to keep game sizes down, most of their Wii U games have been only a few gigabytes, with 3D World weighing in at just 1.7 gig for comparison.

ChickeyCantor1537d ago

Because they rely on simplicity of art and make use of a brilliant shaders ( and a shader program barely reaches an megabyte )

Nevers0ft1537d ago

The sad thing is, many visitors on this site would think that was a bad thing but clever design will always trump throwing polygons at a problem :)

ChickeyCantor1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )


But lets not be frank about it though. If you watch the MK8 direct it's explained they can do curves now because of the "polygons" Wii U can produce.

They treat it it's like completely new...but like...F-Zero GX did fine with them curves on the gamecube. And it pains me that because of MK8 we wont see another F-zero ( seriously you can even spin now in MK, which was a way to attack your opponents in F-zero)

Nintendo could do some Disney magic if they even had more power.

Nevers0ft1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

I can't fault your logic, you make a good point.

If Nintendo doesn't think a fully-fledged F-Zero is necessary, why not let Shin'en have a go at producing F-Zero for the eShop? I'd buy the hell out of that, no questions asked :)

ChickeyCantor1537d ago

I rather have Sega doing it. Sega also helped develop the F-zero GX game. Hell, if they re-release GX with online support I'd totally be up for it.

Their BS reasoning is that they dont know how to "advance" the series. So instead of just making a robust F-zero game they take their old ideas and put them in MK8... If I could punch Iwata ( Miyamoto more so ) I'd gladly do it.

I love their games but man can these guys piss me off with their backwards "philosophies" no one cares about.

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BattleN1537d ago

Your avatar looks beautiful!

uth111537d ago

true! I only ever had I 4gb SD card in my original Wii. I was amazed at how many games I could download and never fill the card!

Then the first game I picked up for PS4 'Lego Marvel' wants over 6gb by itself, and that's a 'small' install :)

SonyKong641537d ago

Lego city undercover was 22 gb = /

Geobros1538d ago

I think Mario Kart Wii ISO file was about 4.3 GB. I find 4.9 GB for Mario Kart 8 a little bit few...

R00bot1538d ago

Hmm. It is strange. Maybe they're trying to make it easy to download this time, since it's going to be digitally downloaded a bunch and Mario Kart Wii was never meant to be downloaded. They're just trying especially hard to make this one easy to download.

Anyway, they've done well to keep it so tiny. I don't know many other devs that can make a game that beautiful and detailed and keep it less than 5 gig.

XBOTTOX1537d ago

if you look hard enough, or just stop racing, Im sure you will see some of the tricks they use to give the effect. Also expect minimal audio variation and compressed music, if they dont actually just reuse old sounds

Kennytaur1537d ago

An ISO is 4.3, but a backup is just 2.7 GB.
Still, less than twice the size with such a jump in visuals? It's actually incredible.

jcnba281537d ago

4.9gb for Mario Kart 8? Wow Nintendo are the masters of compressing content. I'm guessing they learned this skill during their cartridge days.

ChickeyCantor1537d ago

Eh compression is usually optimized in every engine. I think they just use specific engines/software for their games that don't bloat the overall size.

thezeldadoth1537d ago

nintendo actually knows how to code well. most western developers are mediocre at coding and thats why their games are so choppy and require more hardware power than should be necessary.

BattleN1537d ago

Good becouse I dont want to have to buy a usb drive.

marloc_x1537d ago

But so many games BattleN!

LKHGFDSA1537d ago

lol and they use blu ray.

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