New iCEnhancer GTA IV Screenshots Will Make Your Jaw Drop

DSOGaming writes: "Hayssam Keilany has released some new screenshots from the latest version of his mind-blowing mod for GTA IV, iCEnhancer. These new shots use BisonSales’s leaves and as we can see, the attention to detail is extraordinary. Not only that, but the overall lighting that has been achieved in this latest version of iCEnhancer looks incredible."

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Hazmat131608d ago

das cool. think about this detail but on GTAV with desert, woodland, mountain, west coast city style. also is it impossible to modify the character models in GTA4? cause I've only seen environment upgrades.

tsn1608d ago

Fake? Look like photo's to me it the environment looks too dull to be computerized graphics.

Eiffel1608d ago (Edited 1608d ago )

Seems to be legit. Here is the car model Hayssam used for the two of the shots.

Comparison shots

Model interior as it is standard

With iCEnhancer and probably tweaking with a trainer for the interior with additional chrome accents.

Everything appears to match up exactly.

I_am_Batman1608d ago

Clearly computer graphics. No doubt about that. Not sure if doctored or not but those aren't real for sure.

Can someone post a link to a video where the game works normal with ICE enhancer and looks as great as on screenshots? The videos I saw where mostly underwhelming cause it's always someone driving a car in empty streets.

ATi_Elite1608d ago

Recording GTAIV while running Icenhancer kills your GPU and EATS HDD like Pac-Man gobbling dots.

You will have to reach out to someone with a High end PC (which I have two) and with a good capture card (which I do not have) on a second PC set-up just to record.

But trust me Icenhancer GTAIV looks like that. The Vucko mod looks even better at times.

watch in 1080p

Studio-YaMi1608d ago

It's in-game graphics actually,don't know how you thought this was real.

bienio1608d ago

d Rockstar sitll nothing say about Pc version Fu...ers!!!

Infinity_Rasta1608d ago

I like how many people that can't believe this is real, shows how many consoles users that are here(check the Unreal engine vids if you wanna see next gen pc graphics).

MrSwankSinatra1608d ago (Edited 1608d ago )

who even cares, any that have used this mod knows that it ruins performance.

TheDevKit1608d ago (Edited 1608d ago )

No it doesn't; I'm getting 60 FPS at max settings with a 680.

kingduqc1608d ago

Ruin petforman says the console gamer... gta run at 25 fps on both console.. itctun twice as fast on about any gaming pc lol

georgenancy1608d ago

and can your pc ran this?yeah i thought so,ofcourse not!

Flutterby1608d ago

Who cares either way aren't most ppl on this site saying graphics don't matter at all its the game play lol at least that's what the ppl say when it comes to the ps4 having the better performing multiplats on console.

Perjoss1608d ago (Edited 1608d ago )

Very impressive for an open world game however, it's very obvious to see these are not photos of 'real life'.

In the car interior shots you can see faceting in many places. And in the shots with the bushes the leaves don't have the right amount of curvature, some even look totally flat, and even though the ground is out of focus you can see that the ground texture is pretty low quality.

edit: and of course graphics matter, otherwise we would still be playing on hardware like the Nintendo NES and Atari 2600. Many games these days are all about the escapism and try as best as possible to immerse us in the experience. An advanced graphics engine is MUCH better at doing this then say an engine from 10 or 20 years ago.

Having said that, never overlook the importance of top quality sound design, story telling and the importance of hiring a good writer.

Studio-YaMi1608d ago

I wonder how many more articles is gonna post regarding mods enhancers for GTA:IV and Skyrim.....

Eiffel1608d ago

Probably for as long as the modding scene for both remains active. So a lot more.

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