Ouya Upgrades E3 Booth from One Parking Lot to Two Parking Lots

In an amazing announcement from Ouya CEO Julie Uhrman, the Ouya E3 booth will now span an incredible two parking lots rather than the paltry single parking lot they had last year. Many might remember that the police were called to shut down Ouya’s parking lot booth last year. The LA Convention Center security staff have already been alerted about this second booth but are reluctant to call the police this year saying that it would be too sad to watch.

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porkChop1416d ago

I know this is P4R, so it's satire. But I really didn't like the way Ouya handled E3 last year. They don't want to pay to attend E3 so they set up shop in a parking lot right next to E3 to leach off of E3 publicity. Then they cry like babies when their booth was blocked by semi-trucks.

To me it just came off as A) being cheap asses, and B) a dick move. If you're going to attend E3 then you can pay up just like everyone else does.

xKugo1416d ago

Wow, this is really sad...