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Hardcore Gamer: "Spider-Man, possibly more than any other superhero, has always been a character that has seemed ideally suited to video games. Most of his abilities translate quite well to established gameplay concepts and the unique means by which he moves around makes for very compelling play. The history of Spider-Man games is very up and down, with some managing to capture the best parts of the character while others completely miss the point. The ones most fondly remembered are those which give the player an open world to swing around, such as Spider-Man 2."

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ShowGun9011481d ago

what im actually concerned about is the web-slinging... is it like spider man 2? no webs attached to clouds? it says there has to be SOMETHING to swing from, does this mean it actually has physics behind it? will i actually feel like im swinging from a web, and not like its pretty much pre-canned animations?

any answers from actual players would be greatly appreciated. its my only ACTUAL sticking point, and the only reason i haven't bought recent spider man games. its probably the most important thing about a spider man game, to me anyway.