DSOGaming - The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - PC Performance Analysis

DSOGaming writes: "The Amazing Spider-man 2 has just been released on the PC, and it’s time to see how this new open world performs on our platform. The game has been developed by Beenox and aims to capture the combat feeling of the Batman: Arkham series, the web swinging feeling of all previous Spiderman titles, and the character upgrade system of – pretty much – most open world games. Deep inside its soul we can find an entertaining game, though the storyline is dumb, the voice acting is lame, and the animations are stiff and disappointing. And as you may have already heard, it’s a game that is so last-gen – in almost all regards – that makes you wonder why Activision and Beenox did not further polish it (aside from the fact that they wanted to hit the deadline)."

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RickHiggity1606d ago

It was a little laggy at launce. It feels about the same as the first one performance wise now though.