Let’s Play: Child of Light

"As many of you are already aware, Nintendo Enthusiast has its very own Youtube channel. This channel features all of our original content including Indie Corner, Week in Review, Nintendo Network Radio, and Look Back, as well as some smaller projects as well.

Well, beginning today, our Youtube channel has Let’s Plays as well!

Child of Light was released just yesterday on Wii U; it is an excellent JRPG. Our very own Jonathan Harrington gave the game a perfect score of 10/10, and I am having an excellent time playing through the game as well. Child of Light is also the very first Let’s Play that will be on our Youtube channel.

We will be posting two videos each day (or more if the game turns out to be longer than anticipated), with each video being around 15 minutes. The commentary is performed by me (Elia Pales)" -- Nintendo Enthusiast.

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SirNintend01389d ago

Game has such a beautiful art style.

Skate-AK1389d ago

Props to the artist of the team. Such nice visuals.

Metallox1389d ago

I'm loving this thing! Has lived up the hype to me.

nicksetzer11389d ago

This is probably my favorite next gen experience so far. I have a real soft spot for a good jrpg though, and this game is a great jrpg!

NatureOfLogic_1389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )

I agree, this is currently the best game on my PS4 atm. I'm about half way through on hard mode. It's very addictive and the story just keeps getting better. Highly recommend for jrpg fans. I realize how much I miss turn based rpgs. Play the game on hard mode. You'll rage a lot, but victory of tough bosses are very satisfying after a few tries.

lonelyplayer1389d ago

I'm playing hard mode as well. It's perfect

ipach1388d ago

hard mode is definitely the way to go. was surprised by the stress and challenge. love how you don't actually know how much hp your enemies have left, leaving you with tough choices of whether to heal/defend vs attack... plus the firefly heal/slow choices. and getting double interrupted, the right kind of frustrating

LaWiiG1389d ago

I heard this wasn't what everyone expected.

JackOfAllBlades1389d ago

Everyone seems to really like it, great reviews, I plan on picking it up myself here soon

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