Mario Kart 8 Won Me Over by Character Roster Alone

Castle Geek-Skull wasn't convinced by Mario Kart 8 until seeing the character roster.

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TripC501573d ago

Five seconds of footage won me over.

DryBoneKoopa851572d ago

I was blown away with the new direct for Mario Kart 8 today. I found it A LOT more enjoyable then some of the other directs that have come up. I hope Nintendo sticks with this format. I like how everything feels funny and engaging.

I'm having a hard time choosing between Shy-Guy or Larry Koopa. Might just need to customize my Kart first and see who looks the best in their rig.

Can't wait for May 30th! Need to finish up Mario Kart Wii and Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed.

Veneno1572d ago

The character roster won me over too. It's better than even Smash's selection.

Whitey2k1572d ago

I wanna know if each character has its own special powerup like on superness

LKHGFDSA1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

Really? What's so good about the character line up? It's all just the koopa klan and baby versions of the normal characters. (from Double Dash)

-Foxtrot1572d ago

Shame they couldn't of added different ones or even ones which seem to be cut

Monty Mole
E. Gadd
King Wart
Donkey Kong Jr.
Dry Bones
Dry Bowser
Funky Kong
Honey Queen
King Boo
Bowser Jr.
Hammer bro
Dixie Kong

I really hope they have secret ones which haven't been shown off yet.

REDBEARD1572d ago

Poor Diddy :(

Perhaps he isn't in because he will be in a new Diddy Kong Racing game.