Simon Belmont Cracks His Whip on the NES: Today in History- May 1st, 1987

Carl Williams writes, "The Nintendo Entertainment System has many iconic titles available for it from the Mario series to the Mega Man games. One series that is just as iconic and also started on the NES is Konami’s Castlevania series. Today, in 1987, gamers were introduced to destroying vampires with a whip and a classic was born. Castlevania is one of those hard as nails games that set the feel for NES games in the 80′s and gamers ate it up."

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Daavpuke1609d ago

Actually, that's only in Japan. It also states on the Wiki page that the US received it in 1987. If you follow through on that link, you can see it states May 1987.

triverse1609d ago

It hit Japan first, in 1986, then in North America on May 1st of 1987. Since RGM is a North America based site, I go by the USA release dates unless it is a Japanese exclusive title.

Thanks for reading!

cr33ping_death1609d ago

Wow... I was only 4.. going on 32. Loved Castlevania

Darth Gamer1609d ago (Edited 1609d ago )

That was the First game I actually bought for myself with my own money when I was a kid. I remembering saving and saving for the system and then this game. Too funny. Great memories. I was 12.

TomahawkX1609d ago

nice, i just started a new playthrough of SOTN, it's been a while.

SmielmaN1609d ago

I love the castlevania series! I remember this game but I was only 5 or 6 years old when my bro got it for our Nintendo. too hard for me at the time but I remember enjoying watching my bro play. I still remember one night I watched him play for a couple hours and then he had to leave. He told me to leave the Nintendo turned on and don't change the game. Well he didn't come back by the time it was my "bed time" and I panicked because house rules said everything goes off before bed lol. So, I panic, turn it off, and felt terrible lol. My bro came home a little while after and my guilt kept me awake to tell him how sorry I was. Lmao. He was pretty upset, but he forgave me lol. One of my first gaming memories.

BX811609d ago

Lol, thanks for sharing. More now than ever before we seem consumed by this stupid console war. It's easy to forget we are all here for one common reason.... Gaming.

wls10121609d ago

well said sir well said.

Flungsomepoo1609d ago

I played this game in 87. It's been fun watching all these old games evolve over the years.

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