Music in Video Games: Atmosphere and Emotions

Music is an important component and has the ability of constructing the rightful atmosphere within games and stimulate certain kinds of emotions in gamers. It needs to be in correlation with the current surroundings without overwhelming the player with noise.The use of specific instruments is critical, the tone, the overall beat, rhythm, pitch, staff style and much more can influence what natural kind of emotion players may feel.

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Andy15201480d ago

Nice list. I would add Contra and Double Dragon II opening themes

darklinx231479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

Mario music sucks......

3-4-51479d ago

Koji Kondo would like to have a word with you sir.

PriscilliaImgmr1479d ago

Thanks you guys, truly appreciated :) yes i definitely could've added many more songs of video games, but those 5 are the ones that I truly love. Something i love about opinions and tastes, we cannot really discuss and debate on personal likings. :)

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