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"The Amazing Spider-Man 2 swings onto consoles and gives gamers something to get their hands on before the movie releases on May 2. The critic reviews of the movie have been very positive so far. Can Beenox’s latest game be just as exciting as the film? Join BootHammer as we play through the PlayStation 4 port to see what Spidey offers in this sequel." -BootHammer

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finito821487d ago

the spiderman game has been lost in the mist of the great may games coming.

XiNarutoUzumaki1487d ago

I didn't expect more from a Movie-licenced game

Skate-AK1487d ago

You would think with as many Spider-Man games that Beenox have made, they would have had a better formula by now.

HeavenlySnipes1487d ago

Why the hell don't they settle down, spend 2-3 years and start a Spider-man franchise not tied to the movies and made based on the comic books. They could separate the Ultimate Spiderman series into chunks (there were 168ish comics in that series plus bonus tie ins with other Marvel characters) and go from there

Having the devs spend a year on this crap will never turn out well

USMC_POLICE1487d ago

is it too much to ask for a spiderman on par with the arkham series

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