10 Years Later: Half-Life 2

Pixel Critique's month-long look back at the 30 games that defined 2004, concludes with the biggest of them all.

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Ace Killa 081606d ago

Anyone recall when HL2 Ep2/Portal/TF2 bundle was announced? The Black box then orange box....greatest announcement eva!!!!

Septic1606d ago

I do. Was shocked that HL2 was able to run on the original Xbox.

Has it been 10 years since Half Life 2??! Man I'm getting old fast p_p

incendy351606d ago

Such an amazing experience, outside of KOTOR my favorite game of all time. The first half of the game was good, but the second half blew my mind. The immersion was crazy, the gameplay and puzzles were awesome and the combat was so rewarding. Especially the gravity gun, never will a weapon have that kind of impact on me again it was so ground breaking at the time.

Even today it still holds up so well. It is the reason Valve is legend status.

Clown_Syndr0me1606d ago

I've been looking out for KOTOR at carboot sales weekly hoping to find it for a couple of quid as never played it.
Found Morrowind for 50p last week :P

incendy351606d ago

It is so good! You won't regret it. Game is buggy as hell, but the story, characters, good/evil system are done so perfectly. My favorite game of all time. One of those games that will have you waking up your friend at 3am with one of those "you won't believe what just happened" phone calls :D

Raf1k11606d ago

You can probably find it on

Their versions are usually updated with the latest patches and fixes.

If it is on there, there'll be a forum section dedicated to the game. Probably worth checking that out to see if anyone has had any issues with the game.

Vladplaya1606d ago

I remember playing HL2 for the first time, actually I remember waiting for it before it came out, reading every bit of news about it, I remember leaked early version of the game that was going through the internet, and even though i never played the leaked alpha, I still was amazed at the graphics in the game.

Great times many years ago, I highly doubt Valve can beat that with anything today, they probably know that and that's why they will never make HL3, because its just not gonna deliver no matter what they do with it.