Why the PS4 Should Stop Getting HD Ports and Find its Own Identity

"My feelings on the continuing announcements of last-gen games being ported up to PS4 are somewhat less than ecstatic. As an avid fan of PlayStation since the first time I played the original console in the mid ’90s, I have been expecting to get more out of this generation. I understand the reason for releasing HD remasters on the PS3, and in fact am an avid supporter of most of those titles. Let’s dig a little bit into the origins of HD remasters before I go on with expressing my distaste with the current methodology of doing ports on the PS4, and why continuing this trend is a bad idea." - PSLS

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xHeavYx1543d ago

Nothing wrong with ports of acclaimed games, especially for people who didn't have a PS3.

DigitalRaptor1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

Nothing wrong with it, at all.

The only HD remaster we've really got confirmation of that comes directly from Sony is The Last of Us and the demand for that, I'm sure, is pretty significant even from those who've already played it, and would call it one of their favourite games.

As Majin-vegeta pointed out below, the rest is out of Sony's control as they are simply allowing the third-party devs to release games on their console.

guitarded771543d ago

That, and as long as there is a demand, it's gonna happen. I haven't heard of an issue where it's stopped a new game from being developed. There is still a new Tomb Raider coming, ND is still working on a new Uncharted, etc.

Plus, releasing the upgraded previous gen titles gives them some experience with the new hardware before/while making the new game. My only concern is pricing. I think the re-releases should be $40. I will not re-pay $60 for a game I already have, and a game that doesn't have to go through the entire development process again.

Sethry1011543d ago

Coming from someone who owned a 360 last gen I can say I am happy TLOU is getting ported, as I am sure are many other ex 360 owners.

To say the PS4 has to many remastereds is just stupid, considering there is only one PS4 exclusive remastered game....

These remastering projects are cheap and do not take away from the companies ability to make other games at the same time, so in essence to are getting next gen games plus a kettle extra from last gen.

mattdillahunty1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

the PS4 was not developed with all this hardware that people like to boast about just to rehash games that people missed out on last gen.

if you didn't get to play a game on the PS3, too bad. go get a PS3 and play it. leave the current gen tech for (hopefully) new and innovative experiences.

LordMaim1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

@mattdillahunty: No reason it can't do both. Besides, considering the game was released less than a year ago, its not as though they're starting from scratch. They're just using the same team from the original to bring the game to another console.

But telling people too bad, go buy another console...Why be so venomous about people wanting a product?

rainslacker1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

I really do get a kick out of these arguments of how Sony's system is filled with nothing but ports and remakes. Seems both consoles are really, and most of it is 3rd party. Last I checked, MS has the same number of 1st party remakes coming for the X1 and PS4....and that's 1. Both ports/remakes(however you want to define it) were platform defining games, so I don't see any issue with carrying on that identity into a new generation.

As far as ports, well that's pretty normal at the start of a new console release.

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fenome1543d ago

It's 6 months in and I'm not having an identity crisis with it yet. This gen's been way better, WAY BETTER, than the beginning of last gen in my eyes so far. Can't wait to see what's yet to come..

knifefight1543d ago

Nothing wrong with it. I'm hoping to see its most anticipated games be original, new-gen only stuff soon though :)

3xkrazy1543d ago

So in other words, you support milking and cash grabs, when money, time, and other resources could be spent on new software.

Stop holding back next gen with that stupid argument.

xHeavYx1543d ago

Cry me a river. You really think they don't have the resources for multiple projects?

randomass1711543d ago

Nothing's holding back next gen. The remasters are being done by small teams separately from the bigger projects.

inmusicutrust1543d ago

How about the fact thats its a very small project that allows the team to play w the new system and learn tricks for develop for the ps4 before making a full game. Uc4 can only benefit from tlou remastered. They focus on optimization without having to worry about working out bugs and creating a full game. Its practice for those crucial final steps of making a game.

medman1543d ago

Tomb Raider is hardly a milking, neither is TLOU. I didn't pick up Tomb Raider for either my 360 or ps3, but I sure did pick it up for my ps4. I bought TLOU for my ps3, and held off on buying any dlc content primarily because I hoped it would be released on ps4, so I'll be buying the remaster of TLOU as well. How is giving gamers more options milking? No one is forcing you to participate and buy, so who or what exactly is being milked? Gamers who buy the games obviously want them. And I'm sure there are plenty of new converts to the ps4 that previously only played on 360 and didn't own a ps3 who can't wait to buy TLOU, a game that many believe is the best of the last generation. In addition, I still haven't bought GTA V with the express purpose of waiting for a ps4 version if and when it comes out. I have no problem with gaming companies re-releasing great content for a new generation, especially when the new consoles have not yet had the time to build up a substantial library of new releases.

Chevalier1543d ago


It's low cost and funds future games so why not?

People thought Gran Turismo prologue was stupid, but, it easily funded GT5 because it brought over $200 million in sales.

rainslacker1542d ago

They'll likely make money on those projects, so that money can be used for future projects. Gotta spend money to make money comes to mind.

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joab7771543d ago

Or do both.

Let me see. The Last of us was a critically acclaimed game and GotY. Many ppl didnt play it b/c they dont own a ps3. Now, new consoles have launched and Sony is trying to persuade ppl to invest in a ps4. What better way than to remake possibly the best exclusive from the ps3?

BattleAxe1543d ago

Or you could buy a PS3, play the best exclusives for a much cheaper price, and not have to pay a yearly subscription.

randomass1711543d ago

@BattleAxe There are fair reasons for both sides of the argument. But it boils down to wanting or not wanting something. If you didn't play it there is incentive to getting it on the PS4 you already own. If you already played the PS3 version (like moi) there is less incentive. Each person's perspective is unique.

inmusicutrust1543d ago


There have been many converts from xbox360 to ps4, very few of whom own or plan to own a ps3. They are looking forward not back. It'd be foolish to ignore that demographic.

Farsendor11543d ago

yep or people who played the games but never finished them.

example metro 2033

hopefully metro rumor is true.

fenome1543d ago

It's confirmed, here's a statement from their official site:

It got leaked before they were ready to announce it, but it's cool that they confirmed it instead of just saying they 'don't speculate on rumors' like most people do :p

Visiblemarc1543d ago

Yep! HD remasters were a huge part of last gen. They made sense then, they still make sense.

randomass1711543d ago

Actually these are like GotY Editions, but with better graphics. People never really attacked the GotY editions, so it's strange to see people up in arms against these remasters.

ifistbrowni1543d ago

"stop getting"

Aren't there only 2 that we know of, Tomb Raider and TLOU?

Tomb Raider was on Xbox One also, so it'd be better titled: "Why Next-Gen needs to stop with HD ports and get its own identity."

SSJBen1543d ago

Noting wrong indeed.

But here's the thing, we buy new consoles to play new games. Not buy new consoles to play old games.

Sure no one is forcing anyone to buy remastered games, but really... where are the actual NEW games?

irishyort1542d ago

@SSJBen Not really.

I buy a new console to play games!

NEW games aren't just created in a few months, especially AAAs. So what do you have to fill the new gen 1st year void? This is where the remastered titles make perfect sense.

I'm actually annoyed that they didn't do this already for Fallout NV, Skyrim, and Mass Effect. These "big hour investment" games would really take up a lot of my time until the 2nd year stream starts to kick in and I've got more selection.

liquidhalos1542d ago

I totally agree, i had a 360 for most of last gen and im looking forward to playing some of the games i missed. Saying that i did recently get myself a PS3 but ill save big games like TLOU for the PS4

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GribbleGrunger1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

And so a new false narrative is born now that the 'PS4 has no games' nonsense has been put to bed. This can easily be disproved too, but many won't want to go there just yet because it will lead to yet another embarrassing comparison chart. They will once again reap what they sow.

Wedge191543d ago

This has nothing to do with the "PS4 has no games". It has to do with, there are too many ports and games that were on last gen. Over 50% of the games are on last gen consoles too, which is sad.

GribbleGrunger1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

So why is this article limited to the PS4? These are sad little digs because certain people just can't handle how successful the PS4 is, and it's getting tiresome.

Majin-vegeta1543d ago

FFS cut the BS the only HD Port from SONY is TLOU all other HD ports are from Multiplat devs they have no control over that.

Wedge191543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

@Majin, I am well aware of that. I'm not blaming Sony. The article states that it is a collective dev mentality that is keeping us from truly and finally moving into the next generation. You can never fully enjoy or realize the potential of the new one until you let go of the past. Flower on PS4 is pretty and great, but it was a PS3 game. Same with TLOU. Same with any other devs. It's a lack of the leaps of faith into the new-gen by all devs that are causing this.

fenome1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )


It's because the title of the article specifically calls out the PS4 and not 'The new generation of consoles'. They're talking about the 8th gen, not a specific console, so why single one out in the headline? It's tabloids and propaganda, they're click-baiting to ignite the flame-wars.

Headlines for hits is all it is..

knifefight1543d ago

Well fenome, to be fair, the site is called PlayStation Lifestyle so it's kind of expected for the focus to be on the Sony systems.

fenome1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )


Relevant point, and well taken.

I guess I'm just sick of seeing headlines aimed for the arguments in the comment section, I guess I'm jaded. It seems like a lot of articles are just aimed at feeding trolls. I play games, I like playing games, and I want to talk about games.

What I've said had nothing against you or Wedge19, I was just speaking my mind is all..

Vote with your wallets on what you feel is right or wrong. That's what it comes down to at the end of the day, because polls, articles or bickering in comment sections isn't going to actually change anything.

It seems like this gen they're going to try to get away with your money however they can. Be it subscriptions, full retail price or micro-transactions (or all three, which is totally unacceptable). At the end of the day though, it's up to us to decide how we're willing to pay them for what they're offering.

MysticStrummer1543d ago

We all know the games are coming. An article titled "Why Night is Overrated and the Sun Needs to Rise" would make just as much sense.

It's early days. Many people either didn't play these older games or liked them enough to buy an upgrade. If the market isn't there it will stop happening, so take a deep breath and realize that maybe… just maybe… not everyone wants or doesn't want the same things you do… or don't… idk I confused myself there.

randomass1711543d ago

These ports are on Xbox One too. Granted One has more exclusives right now, but that's subject to change.

rainslacker1542d ago

How is that different than any other console generation change? There are more new IP's and games announced and released for this gen than any prior gen within the first year.

Name one generation that didn't start with a majority of games being cross-gen. NES was the last gen where that happened, and that's because the industry was being rebooted.

The people that complain about the software selection in the first year of a consoles life shouldn't be buying new consoles.

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Salooh1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

I put this in my favorites and show it to anyone who complain because a lot of trolls are effecting people with the no games nonsense lol

BX811543d ago

@ gribble
Your crazy thinking is making you tiresome. Relax this isn't some anti Sony conspiracy.

uth111543d ago

I just saw an article here complaining about remasters on the xbox one, so they have no room to throw stones ;)

joab7771543d ago

To be honest, I have played only the ps4 since launch (except DS2) and I am buried with things to play. I actually dont know how I can possibly keep up. And I am not kidding!!

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dbjj120881543d ago

Too early to start with the ports.

DigitalRaptor1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

"The PS4 has very little in the way of self-identifying content to really convince gamers to move into the new-generation of consoles."

This sounds stupid, when it hasn't stopped it from:

- becoming the most popular console of this gen;
- trouncing the competition;
- as well as becoming one of the fastest selling consoles of all time.

And there's no sign of slowing, especially as we grow close to E3, and Sony keeps having games announced for their system with such diversity and value proposition.

The ports and the cross-generation stuff takes nothing away from what is a great lineup. It currently has more games than the competition, and better rated games than the competition, but I agree that CURRENTLY, there should be more. Still, let's not pretend that what they already have announced for this year, the next is not enough - before we go deeper into the crazy announcements of E3.

Wedge191543d ago

But... consider for a moment, even with how great it is.... it could possibly be better? If I wanted content that was universally available on all generations of consoles, I'd be a PC gamer. That's why I'm not.

uth111543d ago

Agreed, people are acting like this is harming the ps4 somehow. Sales figures say otherwise..

rainslacker1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

Edit: Realize I'm agreeing with you. Missed the word "nothing" in it takes nothing away, so misread.:( Sorry.

I don't think it takes away from the great lineup(I assume you mean the PS4 only stuff). I think it just helps bolster the line up for those that move onto the new console. Me personally, if a game is cross-gen, I'm more likely to buy it on the newer system just because it should play and look better. Same goes for X1 and Wii U.

If we didn't have those cross gen games, then the arguments that the PS4 has no games would be very hard to argue against.

Most of the more recent releases getting "HD" updates are 3rd party. Announcing a cross-gen version of a late entry into the PS3 lineup doesn't diminish what PS4 exclusives are coming out in any way. Only thing that will keep me from getting it day one is the $60 price tag. Like TR, I'll wait till it drops to at least half that.

GameDev11543d ago

There has only been one not just HD port by Remastered game out for the PS4

You are writing an opinion piece like they have announced ten

Again, Last of Us was moved to the PS4 because it was highly demanded by fans

Wedge191543d ago

Over 50% of games currently available on the PS4 are also available on the PS3 and/or Vita.

GameDev11543d ago

Are you talking about Sony developed games here or classic games that have put on the PSN store from PS3?

Because classic backlog games on the PSN store from other developers don't count as ports in my opinion

LordMaim1542d ago

Games released near the beginning of a console lifecycle are always available on the previous generation systems as well. How is that in any way new? Or unique to the PS4 this generation?

Are you angry at Sony for not abandoning their previous console or something? The PS4 versions of the multi-platform games perform better than on other consoles, so given a choice between generations why wouldn't you buy the PS4 version instead? Are you upset that people have a choice?

I'm not really sure what your argument is.

HeavenlySnipes1543d ago

It doesn't really matter

This article isn't about Sony itself, its aiming at the game industry.

We're about to see a Mass Effect Port, there has been a Flower port, Tomb Raider port, Dead Nation port, Metro port etc

Sure some people haven't played those games yet, but its growing tiring to a person that has played many games last gen to see devs opting to cash in on ports while the system's total game count is low to sort of push new console owners to buy their "old" game

Ports are fine but when almost half the game library are ports its annoying.