GR Radio 0105: Nintendo E3 Plans, Social Issues in Gaming, Kirby, Mario Golf, Disney Infinity 2.0

GR - Talking Points: Kirby: Triple Deluxe, Child of Light, Hitman GO, NES Remix 2, Disney Infinity 2.0 Vs. Skylanders, No Nintendo press conference at E3, Xbox One Releasing in China, Social issues in gaming, Youtubers

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acharlez1485d ago

Sooo sad Nintendo isn't having a presser.

knifefight1484d ago

Does having a press even really matter? You can go online and show the gamers what they need to see these days anyway. Why do I care if some journalist gets to so sit 10 feet from Reggie and try to conceal an erection?

The players watch stuff online anyway. They're still doing online presentations, so the end result won't be much different, if at all.

In the days of magazines, this might have mattered, but not anymore.