Rumor: PS4 Getting Friend Notifications in Firmware Update 1.8; Some Features May Have Been Delayed

Sony released the 1.7 firmware update for the PS4 today, and it was a quite big one, featuring a lot of highly requested features, but there are a few that still didn’t appear: one of them is a notification when friends connect to the PSN. Luckily it's possibly going to come with the next.


Update: in the morning Tidux actually specified that friend notifications might come before update 1.8, which possibly indicates a sub-update to happen sometimes between 1.7 and 1.8.

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daggertoes831364d ago (Edited 1364d ago )

It's no big deal to me. I only have two friends and one i made up. Glad everyone is getting what they want though.

Farsendor11364d ago

ill be friends with you on psn

farsendor is my username

i play just about anything

Ozmoses1364d ago

JayBizzle311... anyone feel free to add me.. always look for someone to play something with if I'm playing a game that has coop or MP

I got Vita, PS3 and PS4

UnbiasedOpinions1364d ago

Lets see how many more features Sony can copy from Xbox LIVE, so far we have Achievements (Trophies) and Party Chat, next will be friend notifications lol, not trolling just the truth

TheTowelBoy1364d ago

I'll be your guy, add PoseidonCakes

Omar911364d ago

Omar91! add me and follow me on twitch Omar_izanagi

TKCMuzzer1364d ago

@ UnbiasedOpinions
So its even more remarkable that Microsoft managed to screw party chat up on launch.

wsoutlaw871364d ago

@unbiased you know they already had the notifications on the ps3 right? And come on, ms didnt invent notifications.

DontShoot-Me-Bro1364d ago

add me tooooooo


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PaleMoonDeath1364d ago

Feel free dude!

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pheature1363d ago

thats one more than me, and my real one is made up!

jon12341363d ago

All these people adding you is like the end in its a wonderful life, all we need is someone playing a piano

Boody-Bandit1363d ago (Edited 1363d ago )


"more features Sony can copy from Xbox LIVE, so far we have Achievements (Trophies) and Party Chat, next will be friend notifications lol"

MS didn't create ANY of those "features" you listed. They all existed in PC gaming and even in console gaming (chat, party chat, private messaging, tracking and communicating with friends no matter what game they are playing, trophies, achievement, award type accolades, etc and so on) long before MS implemented any of them. MS just implemented them all under one service and expanded them a bit like achievements.

Also last I checked Sony has been in the console gaming industry longer than MS and are a lot more successful in that industry. Seriously, you're either very young and have a limited gaming background because you're post are really weak and very bias.

There are too many features and options I could list that Sony had 1st and than MS implemented later. That and I did enough cellar dwelling by even replying to you. The bottom line is they all do it.

@All PSN Gamers

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The more the merrier

Right now I'm addicted to Trials Fusion. I can't get enough of it.

snake91821363d ago

Feel free to add me.

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PERK7NS1363d ago

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Admiratio1363d ago

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TradingWarStories1363d ago

Feel free to add me Arx.Nine mostly play Battlefield 4, but once The Last of Us is out ill be on more often.

DarthBigE1363d ago

Add me too. That goes for everyone. All my friends are either playing COD or watching Netflix.
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komp1363d ago

yeah, add away bud. username is same on PSN as here.

same for anyone else..

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1364d ago

I hear people complaining all the time saying "why wasn't these basic features implemented from the beginning?" I remember Shuhei said it was because some features have to be built from the ground up for PS4.

randomass1711364d ago

The interface and architecture is totally new. It wouldn't surprise me if the OS was made from the ground up as well.

IndoAssassin1364d ago


So competition is a good thing?

AntsPai1364d ago

I'll be your buddy, guy.
Ants_Pai only lvl 20 but still looking for an actual online friend e.e

Ares84HU1363d ago (Edited 1363d ago )

I find it funny how people can actually be hyped for this. I mean, yeah I want this too but it was a basic feature on the PS3. An 8 year old system. There is so much stuff that the PS3 does that the PS4 doesn't. I would even trade twich for mp3 playback, any video format playback, the ability to organize the icons on that long, long, long bar, the ability to delete software that I don't need or will ever use(ex. Amazon Video, Hulu, etc).

Give me options to customize my PS4 Sony. Come on now. The PS3 does it better.

SpitFireAce851363d ago

Give It a year or so and iam sure most of the issues ur having will be fixed..
It takes time to update/improve the UI...

tahersaid1363d ago

Finally they will add the feature.
My psn is TaherDabbourOne .. and no, I don't have Xbox One. :D


Feel free to add me on psn:jibraltar

Josh1011363d ago

Add me if you like Old_poptarts. :D

brightlight1363d ago

Seems like things are picking up in speed with those updates, this friend notification feature is most welcome.
Shame that we become exciting over something we had on ps3 and were supposed to have on PS4.Yet we only realize the value of something once lost.

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Majin-vegeta1364d ago

I just need friend Notifications.And I'm good.

Aceman181364d ago

I need an explanation about what's going on with the notifications what is actually happening?

Is it not telling us that our friends have logged in when on PS4 if so I never really noticed it Lol. It would be nice to have that back.

Majin-vegeta1364d ago

Yes that's exactly what is it :P

Aceman181364d ago


Lol ok cool like I said I really didn't notice that it was missing.

XisThatKid1364d ago (Edited 1364d ago )

Again with this as long as it's not intrusive or I can select who I'm notified by because 80 people were enough seeing sign on and off now potential 2000 signing off and on across PS4 PS3 and Vita. Please make this only an option. Or make it so we can group our friends so I can make it so only some friends get notifications.

randomass1711364d ago

Well Vegeta, now you're getting it! You can stop blowing up now. :P

THC CELL1364d ago

I get a note when my friends make a party at mo

Josh1011363d ago

Same here, I kept saying hello to all that I saw. I kept mistaking it for them joining the party chat that I was IN. lol

Moe-Gunz1364d ago

I never liked this feature only because I wasn't able to customize who I'm alerted about. I don't need to see when any of my friends are online, only a select few.

incendy351364d ago

Yeah, I like how X1 does it where you can choose to only be notified when your favorites are online.

asyouburn1364d ago

Really good feature, favorites would be sweet on ps4

randomass1711364d ago

Why even have the friends you don't want to be alerted for?

Shadowsteal1363d ago

I don't think you'll be able to have a lot of fun when your screen is constantly showing a notification in a few years when you ht the 2000 friends cap.

LordMaim1363d ago

For multiplayer groups that you only play a specific game with, primarily. A lot of people add names of players that they play with, but don't keep in touch with personally.

Moe-Gunz1363d ago

I have PSN friends and I have people who are my close friends. Some of my PSN friends made it to be my personal friends and when we're on we play anything together. We get in chat talk and decide what game we're all going to play together and have fun. I like knowing when my close friends sign on, but I don't need to know when the cool guy that plays that one game I have is online.

Favorites will be a great feature in my opinion.

Zefros1364d ago

fix the issues that came with the latest patch first. can't load friends list and game crashes. on top of this i get kicked out of my own party chat. many experiancing the same thing as me. hope sony knows about this and fix it fast.

candy_mafia1364d ago

Yep agree on the friends list fail....

I get an error note when I try to view friends list on 3 separate occasions.

I'm not having any other issues at time of this comment ;)

Majin-vegeta1364d ago

Only thin I've encountered is friends list not loading.The other two still haven't come across but I hope Sony resolves it quick.I couldn't even join my bros BF4 team cuz of this.

Ozmoses1364d ago (Edited 1364d ago )

yeah I installed it and fooled around just looking at stuff for like maybe 5 minutes...

my first impressions were that the UI seemed to load slower than usual.. like the Newsfeed, trying to change your profile, etc...

and I had an error message trying to look at my friends list.

TKCMuzzer1364d ago

This is more likely a PSN issue. I've had it happen before and it sorted itself out without a patch.

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