Source on PS4: Evolving The Adventure

Brian McRae // CEO, Fenix Fire writes:

When we began developing Source, we set out to create something completely new and unique, yet deeply versed in the classic Metroidvania adventure game style. To us, a Metroidvania is a special kind of adventure game that has a few main components that need to be just right. First off, there needs to be an expansive, mysterious world to explore. Second, there should be permanent upgrades that are vital to your character’s advancement and survival. Lastly, a rich, visual story should unfold simply by playing the game itself. In just a few months of development time we’ve managed to uncover how we will attempt these familiar traits of the genre, and maybe even evolve them a bit further with Source.

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Skate-AK1609d ago (Edited 1609d ago )

Lol. I totally thought they were talking about the Source engine at first.

ZeroAtmin1609d ago

I like the direction this is going to

Farsendor11609d ago

visually appealing, ill keep an eye on this title.