Nintendo Has the Right Idea With the Mario Kart 8 Wii U Bundle, But…

There's a pretty awesome Mario Kart 8 Wii U bundle, but it's too bad you're probably never going to hear about it.

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admiralvic1607d ago

My lord, could this article be more premature?! The thing is, the bundle was announced hours ago and it's WAY too early to say Nintendo isn't handling it right, since its been, get this, a few hours. However, in that span of time Mario Kart 8 has been trending on Facebook, Club Nintendo mentions the promo right on the home page, I got an E-Mail from Nintendo talking about Mario Kart 8 and countless sites have covered the free game / bundle news. This is just after a few hours and Nintendo will no doubt do commercials, possibly in store advertisements and plenty plenty plenty more.

TL;DR It's amazing how people can complain about Nintendo failing to handle something like this correctly within hours of it being announced.

Nevers0ft1606d ago

The thing is, clickbait articles (like this) are normally a bit dumb but I genuinely think the author of this one has suffered numerous blunt traumas to the head :/

Activemessiah1607d ago

People will always find something to moan about... really boggles my noggin.

thehobbyist1606d ago

Hey, click-bait articles puts food on the table.

Geobros1606d ago

I didn't understand the problem of this article to be honest...

Starbucks_Fan1606d ago

How about we ban this site from N4G

Budobear1606d ago

I read about the bundle yesterday.....unless I dreamt that.
Its also quite tempting.
Yes, yes I know that the WiiU is dead but you get Nintendo games for Mario Kart, and Zelda and other such exclusives.

thehobbyist1606d ago

It's only dead if you believe the sensationalist click-bait garbage articles.

NintySonySoft1606d ago

Wii u dead... Omg.... It's just getting STARTED :D

Budobear1606d ago

I know its not dead, its just the popular press that like to report it is....and loads of people on here, obviously.
I do honestly find the bundle quite attractive, just depends on the price in relation to available funds.

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The story is too old to be commented.