Spelunky Coming to PS4

Derek Yu // Mossmouth "Hello, past, present, and future Spelunky fans! I’ll keep it short and simple: Spelunky is coming to PS4!"

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admiralvic1360d ago

"If you already bought Spelunky on PS3 and Vita, thank you so much! You’ll also own the game on PS4 when it comes out, since we’re including it as part of cross buy. "

Best news of all!

Palitera1360d ago

On these days? Almost unbelievable!

majiebeast1360d ago

Cross buy in to my veins!

amnalehu1360d ago

WOW. I did not see that coming! PS4 just keeps getting better and better!

Farsendor11360d ago

never got to play this game so ill be a first time buyer.

Toon_Link1360d ago

Oh man you are in for a treat! I heard this game was good and gave it a shot, it's totally awesome have some fun.

Farsendor11360d ago

Escape Goat 2
Axiom Verge
Ironclad Tactics
Skulls of the Shogun
Jamestown Plus
Starwhal: Just the Tip

all recently announced for ps4
all multiplatform still pretty cool

TheTowelBoy1360d ago

That's very admirable. Sony made such good moves getting cozy with indies and making the architecture so easy to use.

DigitalRaptor1360d ago

This game is fantastic.

And cross-buy: one of the greatest introductions to gaming.

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