Performance Analysis: The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Eurogamer :

"More interesting is the performance of the two versions. While 1080p30 is the target, the PS4 release does the best job of sustaining that performance level. There are a few dropped frames, but virtually nothing impedes the flow of the gameplay. It's a different story on Xbox One, where we see the implementation of an adaptive v-sync - the game caps frame-rate at 30fps just like the PS4 version, but unlike the Sony platform, frame render time often slips over budget. At this point, the game flips the framebuffer as soon as the next image is ready, while the console scans out to the display, causing screen-tear
The end result is a technically underwhelming (albeit fairly fun) release that does the absolute bare minimum on PS4, but falls a bit short of even achieving that on Xbox One, which is somewhat surprising considering the minimalist visuals."

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hollabox1567d ago

30 FPS cap seem kinda low for last gen graphics on next gen. Anywho another lazy a$$ developer/publisher who for the love Gawd can't spend a couple extra months to polish this turd and release Spiderman-2 game with the blu ray.

sonarus1567d ago

movie tie ins suck due to fixed release schedule. They are there to cash in on success on the movie nothing more. I doubt any publisher would put that out if there wasnt a movie to help carry sales

hollabox1567d ago

What I'm saying it would make more sense to delay a crappy game for 3-6 months until the movie comes out on blu ray. 3-6 months more time in development can turn a 5 into maybe a 7. Make it an incentive to buy the game and receive whatever percentage off from the blu ray or the other way around as well.

sonarus1567d ago

Yea but you also lose millions in sales by not capitalizing on the HUGE and essentially free marketing provided by the movie release. Very few get excited for a dvd release. It would be better to release a stand alone spider man game that wasn't tied to a movie but once u tie it to a movie, the economics of things essentially guarantee it will be sub par

Hyper_Tension1401567d ago

Yes, they do look identical but the xbone has massive screen tear.

B-radical1567d ago

Both versions look bad still. DAT last Gen setback

UnbiasedOpinions1567d ago

Yea, Spiderman sucks on both

scott1821567d ago

Those character models are bad...

kiz26941567d ago

PC version is an awful port from console, with literally no optimization. I have a FX 8350 with a GTX 760 and my FPS varies from 60 to 30 so often, it appears really sluggish. This happened with the previous game as well, you would think Beenox would of got the idea of good optimization since then.

Daniel_Potter1565d ago

Yeah, Totalbiscuit in his video, said that his fps goes under 30 in some areas
And his build has 2 Titans(this game also doesn't support SLI)

imt5581567d ago

This game sucks badly anyway.

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