Jamestown Plus Coming to PS4 This Summer

Mike Primo // Co-Founder, Final Form Games writes:

We want Jamestown Plus to be the definitive, be-all, end-all, director’s cut, remastered, extended edition of the game. When the three of us sat down to make a co-op shoot-em-up back in 2009, it was always our hope that one day we would bring it to console. This Summer, that dream finally becomes a reality. If you’re new to Jamestown, we hope you check it out on PS4, and enjoy playing it as much as we do! And if you played the original: thank you. We hope the next chapter will have been worth the wait.

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DialgaMarine1420d ago

What in the actual f*ck...

PeaSFor1419d ago

what are you babbling about?

Godmars2901419d ago

Legal/contract issues?
No one - from a Western company - wanted to put it out on the PS3 because of business stigma.

aceitman1419d ago

@DialgaMarine ,yeah to your reply !!!! and that's what im talking about , that's why I love sony they bring a variety in there games and yes indie games help to keep ur gaming thirst till bigger games come .

PS3gamer4life1419d ago

This game looks sick and ima get it

LiViNgLeGaCY1419d ago

Wow, this looks like fun. Love shoot em' ups!!

DEEBO1419d ago

Old school arcade shooter nice.