Turtle Beach Ear Force XO Seven Premium Gaming Headset Review-JPS

"There are tons of headsets out there that you would come across when looking to buy one, but one of the premier companies for video game headsets has long been Turtle Beach. Thanks to a long track record of quality products under a wide range of price ranges, the company has found its niche after being in the audio industry since the 1970s. A few months ago, we reviewed the Titanfall Ear Force Atlas headset for the Xbox One and Xbox 360, which we very much enjoyed, and now we have gotten our hands on one of the first headsets designed specifically for the Xbox One, the officially licensed Turtle Beach Ear Force XO Seven Premium Xbox One Gaming Headset."


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DLConspiracy1567d ago

These really are pretty nice. Not as comfortable as the Polk Four Shots but definitely better sound. Also these will work with the PS4 by plugging it into the DS4 controller. No audio balance controls when you do that but its nice that you can use them on both the Xbox One and PS4. Worth the buy and the best ones out for the Xbox One currently.

MaxKruger1567d ago

The only problem I have with the headset is that it doesn't have the mic monitor feature which my previous headset (X11) had. It's the feature where you can hear yourself through your headset so you don't feel like you're yelling into the headset. That's especially counterproductive since I primiarly use my headset at night as not to disturb others. I've grown used to speaking quietly even though it's kind of disorienting but whatever, you get used to it.

Aside from that it's a great headset with great production value especially since the last controller update which removed most of the static when browsing through the One dashboard.

dontbhatin1567d ago

Main reason i don't go with turtle beach is due to the price they ask for with such horrible build quality. My friend has been through 3 pairs of x11's and he really takes care of all of his technology. they just break too easy.

Automatic791567d ago

XO have great comfort and sound love the adapter allowing control of game sound and mic.

HugoDrax1566d ago (Edited 1566d ago )

I own the X07 and they're amazing! very comfortable to me personally. I also bought a pair of the X04 Titanfall edition, but I didn't like the build quality. They were very tight around my head/ears, so I gave them to my nephew and picked up the X07 instead.

Now I did plug them into my DS4 controller, but I didn't hear any audio from the TV/game. I haven't checked chatting because I have yet to party chat, or play online multiplayer on my PS4. I'll test it out next week when my Killzone arrives in the mail.