May 2014 DLC Release Schedule

This month may appear quieter than most, but there are a couple of nice surprises here. To kick off the month, more goodness from Hideo Kojima and the Metal Gear Solid team while we await The Phantom Pain. Both Xbox and Playstation owners will receive different DLC for Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes, one focusing on Raiden, protagonist in Metal Gear Solid 2 and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

This month also sees Nintendo’s first ever attempt at a major Season Pass for a First Party Game. Mario Golf World Tour on 3ds will receive two major course packs this month, with a third to follow in June.

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incendy351601d ago

Pretty excited for Expedition, the tree level sounds awesome for wall running. The "Tron like" war Level sounds even better though, love how they made it so you can string together wall runs across the entire map. A wall running playground : ).

And of course excited for Watch Dogs. Plus I think Transistor comes out for PS4 in May which looks pretty promising. Overall, should be a fun month of gaming.

thezeldadoth1601d ago

titanfall DLC and mario kart 8 make for a good month of gaming and even into june

Rhezin1601d ago

Excited for Whistleblower and Resogun DLC!