Forget Marvel: Disney Infinity needs more Disney

Disney Interactive is making a big deal today about Disney Infinity 2.0, the next version of its toy-based game that adds Marvel characters to the existing collection of figurines. That’s great, but Disney has barely scratched the surface of its own catalog of iconic characters and properties.

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Raistlinhawke1574d ago

Can't really blame them for going toward the money. Star Wars is a well coordinated release as well. Not hoping beyond hope for a Fox and the Hound or Emperor's New Groove set any time soon.

darkronin2291574d ago

A Disney-fied Nic Cage figure would be amazing.

DeadlyFire1573d ago

Disney Infinity 2.0 = Marvel = 2014 release.
Disney Infinity 3.0 = Star Wars = 2015 release.

Plenty of room in Disney's catalog for more stuff to be released all in-between and after that.

g-nome1573d ago

Infinity was disappointing , lots of characters , hardly any good play sets.

Akira20201571d ago

You're not alone with that opinion brother, you're not alone.

mhunterjr1573d ago

Considering the target audience, I really can't blame Disney for tapping into their newer IPs.

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