Gears of War: Five Things that Should be in the Next Game

With Black Tusk Studios Manager Rod Fergusson taking to the official Gears of War forum for podcast questions about the upcoming game and what fans hope to see, Chad decided to make his own list. Here are five things he hopes to see in the next Gears of War game.

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maniacmayhem1607d ago

"What Broken Tusk Studios needs to do is look back, for Sera has a rich history to itself that I would love to play through."

Wrong!! How many prequels do well in the video game industry, very few. No way should the story move back, how can you explain new weapons or enemies or anything else introduced to Gears? It would feel just as cheap if explained.

Now unless we can get a story of another group on the other side of the world fighting the war at the same time as Marcus and crew was ... then maybe.

But I say start fresh, 30 years in the future. The Locust returns...This way Black Tusk has their own canvas to write and do what they want instead of sticking to continuity or lore.

Lawboy21607d ago

I totally agree with this never thought about 30 years in the future...maybe they can find content in the actual story that ppl missed or overlooked to expand on that would be cool as well...but i agree no prequal...maybe flashbacks with dlc...The flashbacks could even have Marcus and dom being friends with the new protagonist that way they c an be in the MP

PandemicPrawn01606d ago

I would like to see them go a couple of generations into the future 30 - 50 years.
new characters, new weapons, new enemies, new stories. Same great gears universe.

hell. It could be another war on an entirely different planet, as long as the fundamental Gears of War elements are in place you can do nearly anything.

jrbeerman111606d ago

agreed, hell they already did a prequel and how well did that do?

I would love a completely independent story, love the 30 years in future idea.

Needs clean slate, new generation, new story

spicelicka1606d ago

I agree as well! 30 years or more sound great, enough to introduce a new changed world. I would say even 50-80 years would work.

Maybe locust are more scarce and humans have repopulated and new civilization has formed. Maybe new factions are now fighting over the remaining resources, maybe a private military now controls the locust so their army consists of both. Humans could have adapted to the insane wildlife and vehicles could be a mixture of both technology and animals like how the brumak is.

There's all kinds of crazy interesting stuff they can do here, I hope they utilize the opportunity well.

otherZinc1606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )


The author of this article must be a PS4 fan out to destroy Gears. He was dead wrong about everything he wrote but 1 topic.

In addition to what the posters have stated: Gears Next needs to continue with the Machoism of Gears. I think it's hilarious.

They should bring Ice T's character back with all the bad language. The characters were great, also with the mix of women in Gears 3, just fantastic.

Gears Next needs:
Single Player
Campaign Co-op...2-4 players
Horde Mode 1-5 players
Horde Mode should be more like Gears 2 Horde
Declassified extras from Gears Judgement
A Carmine Relative

FriedGoat1606d ago

I absolutely love gears, I just really hope it's not like that POS gears of war judgment.

BattleN1606d ago

Locust king returns andr emerges with his 4 Generals to take Sera back. Mutations have caused the locust to become stronger and faster. A few Locust are in alliance with the humans. Hoard mode with 10players and Beast mode 2.0 should return.

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FantasyStar1606d ago

4p split-screen co-op because I do not play these games for the story. GeoW:J was the most fun I've had in awhile since it the gameplay variety assumes you've played the previous games and that is what made it fun.

Blaydyn1606d ago

I say go to the Pendulum wars. There is 79 years of war there, a lot of stories to be told and experienced.

In Gears of War 3, Humanity has finally found peace after 95 years of war. Let them fucking rest.

MasterD9191606d ago

I'd like to see a Big Team Horde mode...with tons of enemies and something like 12 active players.

I'd also like to see the inclusion of vehicles. With next-gen consoles comes more memory, meaning the entire screen could be filled with enemies and vehicles could be used to defeat them.