Next Xbox One Halo to Have All New Multiplayer Game Modes

The next Halo game for Xbox One is mostly shrouded in mystery, but more details are gradually trickling down thanks to career opportunity ads posted by Microsoft. Today you can learn something more about the competitive multiplayer aspect of the game.

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KingKelloggTheWH1450d ago

I just hope it lives up to reach, Reach and Halo 3 were amazing, had me coming back for years....But Halo 4 left me feeling unfulfilled, I actually went back to Reach, and pretty much all my Halo friends did the same. I hope 343 can do a better job this time, I need my Halo fix!!

GarrusVakarian1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

The only game mode i want is Invasion. I had epic times and have very fond memories of playing that mode on Reach.

".But Halo 4 left me feeling unfulfilled"

Agreed. There was just something about the MP that felt off.

Ashunderfire861449d ago

And the multiplayer didn't have free for all slayer mode at launch? I hated how they segregated the maps to specific game modes(I know its for balance reasons but), unlike the past Halo games. Bungie make you play those maps anyway you want with any game modes. This is why Halo 1, 2(the best), 3 and Reach were so good. Why the hell did they had a quick time event for the end boss? I really hope Halo 5 is a step in the right direction.

alexkoepp1449d ago

Halo 1 was by far the best multiplayer. Everyone always seems to say Halo 2 is. Halo 2 was great, but they threw in ridiculous auto-aim which took out a lot of the skill you had to have in the original. And lets not forget to mention H2 was ripe with cheaters/hackers/modders which really sucked. Halo 3 was essentially Halo 2 with a boost in graphical fidelity. Halo Reach was awful. Adding a perk "push LB to become invincible." Totally ruined the game. Halo 4 was a nice breath of fresh air after Bungies steady line of bad decisions. I don't know if they were just getting series fatigue or what but Halo doing awesome in another studios hands. I don't think Bungie cares about graphical fidelity which was a shame. The first game looked amazing, but after that none of them impressed until Halo 4 came out, and I was surprised what 343i was able to do with an aging console and the graphics totally blew me away, I have a feeling Halo 5 is going to be incredible.

u got owned1449d ago

What's up with dualShockers creating articles out of job postings? Where have journalism gone? Oh that's right its almost none existent.

GarrusVakarian1449d ago


"Halo Reach was awful. "

"Halo 4 was a nice breath of fresh air"

Not sure if serious....There was nothing fresh about Halo 4's MP. It was blatantly inspired by 'that FPS' that shall not be named.

OpieWinston1449d ago

I think Halo 4 was an amazing first step in terms of 343 trying to bring new life to Halo. I'm glad they stepped away from Reach in terms of all the half measures that were in the games MP.

And yes Halo 4 was "Fresh air" in terms of something new to the Halo games, rather than making Sprint a Armor ability (Which was awful).
I say either take it away or integrate it...Don't make it an ability.

343 has a lot to build on with 4.

It wasn't the best Halo MP experience, but it was a lot better than Reach.

4Sh0w1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

Well myself and most of the gamers I know felt Halo 4's campaign was the best since the original, the multiplayer was far better than Halo Reach but not quite as good as the other Halo multiplayers, although it added some nice features; Now even with that said Halo4 still had a waaay better multi then alot of other run of the mill shooter multiplayers.

343 had huge shoes to fill and they've proven so far to be up to the task, now with their past experience going forward, more powerful hardware and microsofts biggest Halo budget ever behind them I can't wait to see what they can acheive.

Balcrist1449d ago

Invasion FTW! except invasion slayer.... that can stay dead...
Now they made some nice aesthetic changes to Infection (flood), but it sucked overall. Pistols are relatively useless and swords with dash are janky as hell (my buddy killed two guys with one sword swing while dashing...) It was better in Reach, but veterans know that Infection was best in Halo 3. I'm talking Speed Demons and dedicated infection maps like Haunted Manor, not stock maps with the weapons and vehicles removed... And they need to stop kill-boxing all of the camping spots. If i get on the roof of Longsword and shoot you as you try to get to me then so be it. Don't wanna die 10 times and give me 70 kills, don't come after me, or come after me smarter.... else its just giving in to crybaby's....

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UnbiasedOpinions1449d ago

i believe 343i said somewhere that they are hiring MLG Halo pros to help them build up the MP aswell

Mikefizzled1449d ago
They have a bunch of pros of different Halo games. This guy was pro at 2+3

Monolith1449d ago

Hey everyone sorry to be off topic and in the wrong thread but is anyone else getting error messages from the new update. It happens ever so often like I tried playing COD online and I was kicked with an error. I was looking at my friends list and got an error code. Anyone else have these issues. Ive sent multiple reports to sony. Thanks!

ifistbrowni1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

If they continue with Reach's multiplayer formula, i will not buy this game.

Halo 2 and Halo 3 were the only 2 Halo multiplayers i can say i enjoyed. I would probably add Halo to the list, but i was too young/didn't have an interest in online gaming when that game was released.

Halo 4 was a pretty good single-player, though (probably the best Halo single player).

Nicxel1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

Live up to reach??? I hope they stay as far away from Reach as possible...don't tell me you want that inconsistent bloom and broken armor abilities again?

Oh, and lets not forget the fact that we need a legit ranking system...How about the next Halo game live up to Halo2/3 instead...

GothamReturns1449d ago

you enjoyed reach? reach was good as far as MP is concerned. you in the minority there bud

SixtyNine1449d ago

REACH was my favorite. Awesome game. Both campaign and Multiplayer.

KingKelloggTheWH1448d ago

Ah, a man with good taste!!!

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Bundi1450d ago

Halo 4 had the best sp in the Halo series imo. So if they can bottle that lightening one more time and improve the mp then 5 will be amazing.

incendy351449d ago

I agree Halo 4 campaign was so awesome. MP was lacking but the campaign was my favorite of the series by far. 343i knows how to tell a great story.

BX811449d ago

What? I thought halo 4's mp was awesome. Actually I really like all the halo's mp. I might be in the minority though. Hell I also liked the last two Medal of Honor games, lol.

Nicxel1449d ago

I enjoyed the multiplayer as well, for about 4-5 months and then it got old real fast. I maxed out in rank in a few months. No real ranking system to keep my fire fueled with the multiplayer.

Maybe it's just me, but did the majority of people seriously not use a mic in Halo 4?? That's what really killed the game for me. People just didn't care much in my opinion.

Shadonic1449d ago

I liked Reach's SP the best, I felt that they could of made the Didact feel more evil/powerful/bad ass . It was still good though.

MegaRay1449d ago

So you think Halo 5 (a game that we know nothing about) is > Destiny, titanfall and call of duty combined?
man the fanboyism in this "3 words" is strong.

Ghost_Nappa1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

Hopefully they have the sense to have campaign matchmaking, and Firefight Classic none of that spartan ops crap.

OpieWinston1449d ago

Spartan Ops was introduced to bridge the story gap between 4 & 5.

But they realized it cost way too much to keep it going.

Everyones demanding Firefight on 343 forums.

Ghost_Nappa1449d ago

The cutscenes were meant to bridge the story, the actual missions felt meaningless

scotmacb1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

Halo 4 felt amazing compared to the one's before it had a run button for a start the guns felt more powerful it looked alot better the old halos are to slow stuck in the mud feeling compared the new one

bcrazy181449d ago

The game felt better than the rest but they need to implement the old ranking system found in halo 2/3 and get rid of loadouts and ordinance thing. If they do that, they should be have amazing Multiplayer game on their hands. They level design was pretty amazing as well.

Shadonic1449d ago

Agreed, the ranking and leveling in 4 is just sad, I've put in more time on Halo 3 and reach and i never reached the cap but Halo 4 just felt like a cakewalk, like getting starter level loot in borderlands, like passing the tutorial in a game ( not dark-souls ). level design visually was great but because 9/10 the maps were so constrained to predetermined roads and everyone basically could spawn with a vehicle destroyer at anytime a lot of the big ones just ended up being horrible.

Shadonic1449d ago

I agree it feels way better control wise compared to previous Halo's and it is indeed faster. It was ultimately a trade off in a sense because in their efforts to bring Halo up to whats popular and making it faster they lost a lot for what made it fun and competitive for months and years while keeping us coming back without the need of creating new DLC every 2-3 months or throwing double XP and new skins or armor into our face just to get us back on and playing. Back then we played solely because we enjoyed the game and had fun with our friends and craved the competitiveness. That was all replaced with shiny armor in 4.

bcrazy181449d ago

To reply to your above reply, I was more referring to the smaller maps like Haven.. I thought the designs of those were very good and fluid and provided many ways of doing things and getting around. I agree with your point though. I've sorely missed the extreme competitive nature of the previous halo games, hell even Reach lol even though I thought reach started to take a turn for the worse with the addition of the special equipment's... I did however, enjoy Reach's MP more than 4's. Hopefully they take in to account the fans feedback and go back to the ranking system of 2/3 and get of my above mentioned perks or whatever you want to call them.

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