Warframe is the PS4's second most downloaded app

The PlayStation Twitter account has just revealed an interesting fact about F2P title Warframe on PS4.

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finito821606d ago

this game looks pretty fun

cyguration1606d ago

It is very fun.

Shame more AAA titles aren't as polished as Warframe.

joab7771606d ago

And if I am mistaken, its still in beta.

With this, DCUO, and Final Fantasy 14, I havnt played anything else but DS2 this year.

Gotta play Child of Light...but when?

betrayed gamer1606d ago

its not really. very repetitive and lots of micro transactions

Ittoryu1606d ago

Not to mention a BS lvl 30 cap

ShadowKingx1606d ago

yeah but you dont have to spend any money on this game at all, everything is obtainable by farming, however, if you want something quickly then yes, the option to spend money on it is there.

great game overall though, yes there are few issue with the game, but DE supports the game very well. im addicted it to it.

Allsystemgamer1606d ago

You forgot to add optional to the micro transactions. You don't have to spend a single penny to get anything and it doesn't take long to get stuff.

AKS1606d ago

Sounds like you haven't played it much. There are very few things you cannot get from just playing the game. Inventory slots is probably the biggest exception.

You can get all the characters without spending a dime, and they have implemented a trade system that allows you to sell and trade items with other players for platinum, the game currency used to buy everything, even inventory slots, so you don't even have to pay money for inventory slots anymore if you sell stuff to other players for platinum. DE even throws catalyst and reactor blueprints out there once in awhile for free through alert missions or via login bonuses.

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HellzAssassin1606d ago

Jeez, so much hate on Warframe. Warframe is probably among one of the best F2P games I've played. Though it can get repetitive, and the lack of a vast assortment of enemy types and maps does make this more repetitive. But the constant upgrading and building your character and weapons keeps me coming back for more. Oh, and of course the constant updates which add new weapons, warframes, missions, etc. to the game is a huge plus. I'd say if you hadn't played it, at least give it a shot if you have any interest in it.

P.S. When the full game finally releases (still in beta) they plan to merge both PC and PS4 servers, so that'll be interesting when that happens.

Shadonic1606d ago

I played it first on PC ( might go back ) I get major lag on the PS4 version but it is fun, and looks amazing.

supersonicjerry1606d ago

its fun but lobbies i get into always lag its annoying

NeoTribe1606d ago

Its lame. Its like a pay to win android game with ninjas. Wouldnt waste mytime or money when better ps4 games are comming.

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incendy351606d ago

Netflix was the most downloaded app last gen too on all consoles. Pretty interesting that a movie and TV app dominates all consoles in downloads.

As for Warfare, pretty strong case for more free to play games. I know they dominate mobile, looks like they are just as popular on consoles. Not sure how I feel about that haha.

Articuno761606d ago

I would have thought that was because back then people differentiated between games and app(lications). Seems nowadays if it runs on some kind of electronic device and "does something" that makes it an "app". Well, I guess...

incendy351605d ago

Yeah, they are all labeled as applications these days. Games are just a category. Which does make sense : )

ruefrak1606d ago

I love Warframe. It's my go-to game when I want something quick and fun.

Nine_Thousaaandd1606d ago

Warframe is awesome...great co-op play, with tons of weapons that have their own personality.

"its not really. very repetitive and lots of micro transactions"
Just about every game online feels repetitive, and the microtransactions are completely optional, can unlock everything in the game by playing it.

"Not to mention a BS lvl 30 cap"
Every frame and weapon in the game caps at L30...the system is designed so you can reset everything and build unique frames and weapons using mods. I've played Volt 3 times to build his shields up to 1100, HP to 960 with a very high damage output and speed build.

Warframe is a fantastic game to play online with friends and many others around the world. I recommend it to anyone that loves co-op 3rd person shooters. Also, 1.7 PS4 owners play Warframe...great community, full of players all the time.

Lord_Sloth1606d ago

Would you mind existing how you got your shields and HP up that high? XXXD I've only just got my Excalibur top lvl 30.

Nine_Thousaaandd1605d ago

Once you reach L30 the first time...there is an item in the store known as (Forma), it allows you to reset your frame or weapons back to L1. By doing this, it also allows you to change a polarity slot to your liking. When you level up mods, it raises the cost to use them on your frame and weapons, which also brings up (Orokin cells).

(Orokin Reactors) double the points you use on warframes. (Orokin Catalyst) double the points you use on weapons. Same rule applies to both warframes and weapons...level mods, use (Orokins) to maximize points on both frames/weapons...this is how you can reach full potential.

Also, I find it easier and more effective to level mods of the same kind at the start, then continue to use fusion cores to max them out.

One other thing, both formas and orokin units have blueprints that drop in game. Buying them on the store will cost 20 platinum each. You can trade for 'em on the auction house or farm 'em on tier 3 void missions. Think they have at least 30% drop rate...could be wrong, but I do know they have the best chance of dropping from tier 3 missions.

There are so many mods in the game, that you'll hardly ever see a frame and weapon of equal skill and power. All frames come with 4 abilities each, you don't have to use 'em all, using a forma allows you to change one of those slots or more to a different polarity slot, making most slots passive. Say, you wanna make a (radial blind) and (radial javelin) have to level him to L30 2 more times to change the other 2 ability slots for passive use. One forma allows you to change one slot at a time. So, figure out your play style, and build him up...this is how you maximize your warframes and weapons to take on higher levels. Tier 3 longest play time is up to 60 minutes, on Trinity(6 forma build)...freakin awesome!

Good luck to ya!

Lord_Sloth1605d ago

Wow! Thanks for the in depth reply. XXXD Have some bubbles.

Swiftcricket1606d ago

This game is actually quite good, it's not very beginner friendly and can give you the wrong impression at first. I know it did with me. I originally played it on PC and didn't like it at all. Then I decided to give it another try on PS4 and learned how everything worked, then once it all clicked I ended up putting over 200 hours into it.

It's actually less repetitive than any competitive FPS I've ever played, there's so many unique weapons and frames with their own unique abilities to play with I always felt like I had something new to do. And I did all of this without paying a single cent up until the 60 hour mark. Which is more time than I put into a lot of AAA $60 games. And I didn't even NEED to put money into it then. I just decided that they deserved the support at that point for actually pulling off an actual F2P game without excessive grinding and not feeling like it's P2W like so many others do.

Also the community has been great. I run into a lot less assholes than I do on other games. My friend list just about doubled from this game because I met so many great people instead of constant yelling and insults.

AKS1606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

I started on PC a long time ago, but I got fairly frustrated because the text is so ridiculously tiny through a home theater system. It's silly that this was a major obstacle, but it's not fun when you can't read anything in a game with RPG elements.

They've made several massive changes since I first started playing, and I played it a ton when it came to PS4. I'm at MR14 now on PS4 and trying to get back into the PC version a bit, although I really wish I had the event mods for status weapons (on my PC account; I have just about everything available on PS4).

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