Microsoft's Xbox Will Face Fresh Challenges in China

By Joshua Brustein: "It’s now official: Microsoft will begin selling the Xbox One in China later this year. The move presents a sort of mirror image of the challenge Microsoft faces in the U.S., where it has been working to convince gamers not to abandon consoles"

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Axios21544d ago

Every example applies to any console starting in China, not just X1.

X1 won't have to deal with generations old hatred like a a Japanese Manufacturer would if it was starting in China.

Naga1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

To be fair, the reason the article singled out the Xbox One here is because of the yesterday's announcement that they will be releasing it in China in September. As such, the Xbox One is the only console with an established Chinese release timeline.
Though you're right to point out the historical hatred as at least one challenge they won't have to face. It's going to be very interesting to see how this plays out.

Mega241544d ago

You are forgetting that the Xbox One is a product of an American Company, in which has been in hot waters since Snowden leaked info about the NSA spying on people's devices around the world, and with that camera obligated to the consumer, they will think the same as other paranoid people in the U.S./EU and say the NSA is spying on them to acquire data on china and its allies. People are messed up like that.

Naga1544d ago

That criticism applies equally, if not more, to personal cell phones.

Mega241544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

@Naga "That criticism applies equally, if not more, to personal cell phones."

My point exactly, everything has a camera nowadays.

I personally won't get the X1 until a price drop and no Kinect, mainly because I got no space for it, and I game at night, so no point on having voice commands with paper thin walls. Just waiting... for now.

Naga1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

@ Mega24

That was *not* your point exactly. Your whole point in your original comment was that people would probably not purchase the Xbox One in China because it has Kinect. If you agree that cell phones are even more suspect, the fact that virtually everyone is willing to purchase one causes your original point to simply fall apart.

azure19901544d ago

I doubt the NSA will be any issue. China and America have a very strong relationship. I'm shocked they haven't lifted the ban ages ago. But the Chinese government have also been busted for spying on their own citizens. Regardless America isn't the only country that spies.

Mega241544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )


I was pointing out one of the challenges they will face in a new land, and also pointing out how people reacted to the gaming console in the U.S./EU for the camera and NSA probes.

For the Comment in which I replied to(which isn't yours). He was pointing out the Japanese manufacturer(everyone knows who) that would have more of a challenge selling then their competitors (Yeah china hates Japan, and their feelings are mutual), but to also not forget that some of the Chinese provinces hate on the U.S., the NSA is just adding fuel to the flame, both will have a challenge to sell, but who will the Chinese people will choose.

Also, most of the Chinese gamers seen and talked to in documentaries and Championships tournaments play games like Mobas, RTS, MMO's and mobile/handheld games, so they would have more of an even challenge to attract a crowd more used to pc/handheld gaming.

@azure1990, United States has a strong relationship with China ("government") because we owes them about $1.5 Trillion dollars. As I remember China threatened the U.S. of War if they Aided South Korea if anything erupted during the tensions in the region a year ago. Cute Relationship we have with them.

MysticStrummer1544d ago

@azure - China and the US have a "strong" relationship because the US is in massive debt to China, and the US now spies on it's own citizens as well.

morganfell1544d ago

American McGee had this to say about China and he is spot on:

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DarXyde1544d ago


No; I look at it moreso as Japan cares more about their own products. It isn't a dislike of XBOX so much as it is a preference for their country products. Just so you know, Apple is quite popular in Japan, as was Microsoft's MSX.

On topic though, I think it's good that Microsoft is getting a head start in China. China is a very connected country with a lot of consumer research on products so if they do/don't buy it, it will very likely be on an informed decision. At least this way, IF the XBOX One sells well in China, it answers part of the question of how well the XBOX One would do in the absence of direct competition...but if the PS4 launches there and sells better, it will shed some more light on what consumers really want.

There have been a lot of excuses and such about sales this generation (and last on the part of Sony fans). It'll be good to gain some perspective from a prospectively unbiased country.

sardaukarghola661544d ago

They were not referring to a Japan hating US products. They were talking about the extreme bad blood China and Japan have between each other.

Silver3601544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

You do know that at one point Japan invaded and occupied China? That's what a lot classic kung fu films are based on.

MASTER_RAIDEN1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

i dont understand why people keep singling out Japan because of their history. i mean, you guys DO understand that Chinese havent been too keen on american culture over several decades either, right? its definitely not to the same level of contempt they have for the Japanese, but im not sure how heavily any of that would play a factor. they really arent all that fond of either country as it is, and im wondering if even stepping foot in a region which is so invested in the online MMO will end up being a worthwhile move.

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christocolus1544d ago

Its only normal that they face fresh challenges.. its a new market for console makers and since MS is launching there they will have to learn to adapt and build games which the gamers there will be interested in..

mrpsychoticstalker1544d ago

Microsoft is ready for those challenges.

SITH1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

That is one potentially huge individual market.

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josephayal1544d ago

Finally the Xbox One is returning to the country where it was built in, this will make them so much money