The Next Mass Effect In The Middle of Development

According to Bioware the next Mass Effect game is in the middle of development.

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incendy351567d ago

I wonder if it will still carry the Mass Effect name. Maybe instead of numbers it will just have subnames like on Metal Gear. Mass Effect: A New Frontier : )

ironfist921567d ago

It should be Mass *something*, so its sorta in the Mass Effect universe but also a new series/storyline.

Skate-AK1567d ago

Mass Effect has to do with the Mass Effect relays though. They are a major part of the story. I don't think they will or should change the name.

shammgod1567d ago

I heard it will only be in first person view, they are taking away all dialog options and the game will be objective based. Also, it will take place in WWI.

Also, they are heavily focused on the MP whereas the campaign will only last 10 hrs.

Skate-AK1567d ago

Honestly, that doesn't even sound believable.