Lionsgate Launching Video Games Division – Ex-YouTube CEO Leading the Way

Lionsgate, the studio behind hit films like The Hunger Games and The Hurt Locker, announced that it has decided to launch a video games division which will be mentored by Ex-Nerdist CEO Peter Levin.

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porkChop1488d ago

Interesting. An open world adventure game set in the Hunger Games universe could potentially be great. Hopefully they hire some top tier talent. And I see this isn't just for movie games, they're looking to create entirely new IPs.


Lions gate actually makes some pretty epic films. good stuff.

wannabe gamer1487d ago

bet it will be mostly mobile games full of microtrans hell.

Chitown712911487d ago

I thought the second one was amazing! But different opinions I guess lol

cyguration1487d ago

Expendables 3: The Game? Built in Unreal Engine 4? A third-person shooter like Gears of War? Chuck Norris DLC?


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The story is too old to be commented.