4 Things Microsoft Needs to do to Make Its Xbox Originals TV Shows A Success

J Station X writes

"“Xbox One, the all-in-one entertainment system from Microsoft”, that’s the almost laughable quote that Microsoft mandates is added to every press release and official statement about games released on their brand new platform. When it was announced back in May 2013 that the console would have a focus on media not just of the video gaming sort, the bile and vitriol spewed against the decision was unavoidable.

But with millions of paying customers now looking for a way to get televised content in front of their eye sockets, Microsoft have delivered a swift ‘stuff you’ to those critics having moved ahead with their Xbox Originals program to bring original TV billing to the Xbox One and Xbox 360.

It could still go wrong and come crashing down around their ears which is why we’ve outlined 5 things they need to do to make Xbox Originals a resounding success."

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UnbiasedOpinions1513d ago

Guys, its Xbox, and this is N4G, of course it will fail are you kidding? Xbox is DOOMED Sony is the leader now and Xbox will die soon because of logic tells me

Xdone1513d ago (Edited 1513d ago )

N4g this, N4g that...
Your are free to leave anytime.....

Wow! Amazing stuff, I wonder how sony is able to kick microsoft's ass being in such a financial situation... Lmaoo

Hats off to you Sony, you truly are miraculous..

UnbiasedOpinions1513d ago (Edited 1513d ago )

it was a joke pal, i have no idea how this will play out but i'm sure they will do a better job than Sony is right now, with the 1.3 Billion dollar loss for this year and all, lolol

edit2: @Xdone: i was joking, are you really that insecure about Sony and Playstation? they might be up now for the moment, but Xbox is still doing well for being in only 13 territories and 100$ more expensive

Xdone1513d ago

@ BiasedOpinions

I was joking, are you really that insecure about M$ and xbox??

candy_mafia1513d ago (Edited 1513d ago )

Abandon it and make awesome games!



'this is N4G, of course it will fail are you kidding? Xbox is DOOMED Sony is the leader now'

LOL what you mean now?? PS has always been the leader (Worldwide), and you just encourage the fanboy thing with your comment.

RosweeSon1513d ago

Sell some consoles for a start.

incendy351513d ago (Edited 1513d ago )

Similar to Netflix they are making the shows based on what their users watch the most. Which does seem like a safe way to go. Original programming isn't really a risk though, at least not for companies like Netflix, Microsoft, Amazon. They all see it as an added bonus to subscriptions that users already have and hope they will help keep their services unique and relevant. I would still pay for Netflix without their Originals, just like I still pay for Prime even though none of their Original Shows are good yet. Hopefully Microsoft's shows turn out good, but in the end they won't be a deciding factor of whether I keep Live or not.

Also I don't really see Netflix and Microsoft competing. The closest relationship Netflix has with other businesses is Microsoft. They have worked together since the beginning, Netflix is one of the largest users of Microsoft server services. I am sure after a period of time all the Microsoft programming will end up on Netflix just like all the other shows do. Microsoft and Netflix offer complimentary services, they are not in direct competition.

It should also be pointed out that Video/TV was/is the most used feature of both consoles last generation and already Netflix is the number one download on both Consoles again this generation.

styferion1513d ago

Please be global, xbox tv show.