New Xbox One Smartglass Beta Out Now: Adds Activity Feed, Featured Hub, “Tons” of Bug Fixes

The PlayStation App wasn't the only one to get an update today as Microsoft just rolled out an update to the Xbox One Smartglass beta for Android, numbered 2.2.823.90.

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Septic1485d ago

This is wicked. I always have my phone around with me and smartglass is always on when using the X1. Pretty nifty feature.

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Volkama1485d ago

The only time I've really used it was to try and impulse-buy a game while I was at work one day. Assumed I could just buy it on my phone and the console at home would get downloading, but there wasn't even an option to shop at the time let alone get the game downloading.

Have they added that kind if stuff now? Would think opportunities to make money get pretty high priority development...

Skate-AK1485d ago

That's weird. You can buy a game from the Sony store and download it to your PS3/PS4 while you are at work. I would have imagined Micosoft would have done the same thing.

incendy351485d ago

You can, but not through SmartGlass. You have to buy it through

HugoDrax1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

Dammit! I would love a beta for the smartglass app, but I use iPhone and iPad devices for smartglass and ps app.

Anyhow, adding activity feed is a great addition to the app. I love how fluid the smart glass app is at the moment. Given Microsoft's software track record, I can't wait to see what this app will look like in the years to come.

KillerByte231485d ago

Xbox One is getting better and better

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