PS4? Japanese market gives its opinion

[Continue Play] Looks at the results of a Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia survey into satisfaction and demographics of early PlayStation 4 adopters in Japan. Answers "Which age groups bought the system?", "Which were the most liked features of the PS4?" and "Why are Japanese people buying the PS4?".


A change has been made to rectify a minor translation issue. Although it is not a part of the key take-away of the story we felt it would be best to update the article for accuracy rather than removing the smaller details.

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cl19831608d ago

So your only a gamer if you have more then one dedicated gaming console.

"The survey was conducted through March 7-9, less than a month after the PlayStation 4′s February 22 launch. The survey sample was 2,540 gamers through ages 10-49. Here, the term “gamers” was defined as those who have more than 1 dedicated games console in a readily playable state (not in a cupboard or otherwise packed away). The survey itself was conducted as an online questionnaire."

Or was this mistranslated.

If this isn't a incorrect translation I'll just have to laugh at this survey.

Muffins12231608d ago (Edited 1608d ago )

No they did not say that but,they used " " dude around gamers so they did not officially say that was the definition,its just in that survey was and it was only looking for people who where in the console one said your a gamer if you just own a console...some people these days. The survey probably had something like "Console gamers only survey" or something.

Concertoine1607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

The reason i think they did this was so they could get EXPERIENCED gamers, ie those that arent picking up their first console as a ps4. Someone who owns more than one console has something to compare a ps4 to.
This also wasnt claimed as a de facto definition, but the criteria people had to meet to do the survey. Even if it was stated as fact, i don't see why that invalidates the opinions of these gamers.

cl19831607d ago

I understand wanting people who play games to be the survey group, however only having one console hooked up to your tv shouldn't disqualify you from taking the survey.

Dir_en_grey1607d ago

Those are incorrect translations.
The author clearly did not understand the language and used some internet translation tool.

I clarified the translations in an earlier post below.

ContinuePlay1605d ago

I can assure you that he understands the language. Shaz is fluent in Japanese and has experience teaching English to Japanese students.

Articuno761608d ago (Edited 1608d ago )

That was the criteria that Game Age set out for qualifying for inclusion in the survey.

The Japanese source uses the rather stilted term "dedicated games machine user" which I rendered as "gamer" because "dedicated games machine user" sounds like some kind of freaky addiction :P

Though when you think about it, unless the user traded their PS3 in (or never had one) the chances are they were considered a "gamer" by Game Age the moment they hooked up their PS4's alongside their PS3's.

I have to at least commend Game Age/Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia for being transparent with how they limit/define the target of their surveys, the same can not be said the ESA/Ipsos MediaCT.

Though I guess for this survey the most important thing is simply that they bought/owned a PS4.

edit: If you think about it though, having two dedicated games machines in ready use means those machines are likely both active (receiving new game releases) systems.

Since Microsoft is a no show in Japan that would most likely mean having both a Sony AND Nintendo system or having multiple Sony systems.

The Japanese source material suggests that handheld consoles are exempt from what they call "dedicated games' machines".

cl19831608d ago

When you shrink down your respondent pool it invalidates your results.

Articuno761607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

There's an element of truth to that.

But you do have to limit your pool somewhere for the purpose of the survey. I'm guessing Sony wanted to get feedback from people who play and keep up with games (basically, the Japanese version of us) and that is why the criteria was introduced. It would also weed out some people who were simply buying the system as a gift for someone else.

In other words the criteria chosen actually make the data more useful for the kinds of people on this site rather than sneakily "editing out" things that might make Sony look bad - that's my gut feeling on this.

I'd be more concerned if the reverse had been done with the PS3 or PS2 (people who only owned those systems polled) because then you'd have a sample of people who were tech-heads/entertainment center people being presented as if they were contented regular games players.

One interesting point: The company commissioned to conduct the study were the ones that published the findings on Famitsu, not Sony themselves. That suggests Sony have nothing to hide as otherwise they'd cherry pick data first and then present only the bits that make the points they want. Which again, is pretty much how the ESA selectively presents survey feedback.

Dir_en_grey1607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

How about writing an article after you actually understand your source instead of half guessing with google translate or something. You are not qualified to translate so stop spreading fake info.

Dedicated game machines means just that, machine made for gaming, so excluding PC's and Smart Phones. Basically meaning consoles and no where in the article says it excludes handhelds.

And NO the survey didn't only choose people with "more than 1" gaming machines, it says "at least 1", huge difference.

Gaming journalism at it's worst when you think you can just google translate other people's articles in another language without actually understand the language and make a site out of it.

Articuno761607d ago

To clarify. The article counts game machines in terms of 'dai', a term used to refer to heavy-ish machines that sit in one spot like TVs, PCs, cars and yes, Games consoles.

So although it doesn't outright exclude handhelds like the 3DS the implication is it does because handheld games consoles (to my knowledge) do not fall under the 'dai' counter.

Though I fear you may well be right about the 'above one distinction'. But if it simply means 'at least one' it's a weird thing to ask PS4 owners don't you think? Cos y'know...they own "one" by default!

Dir_en_grey1607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

You do not even speak the language so stop BSing like already, seriously. YES handhelds use the counter "dai", to even argue this kinda of stuff shows you do not know even the basics of Japanese. Your other stupid net translation mistake is at 以上 which means "at least" and not "above".
ゲーム専用機 always means just that, dedicated game machines which ALWAYS included handhelds like 3DS and Vita but excludes smart phones.

Unlike you I am not GUESSING Japanese here I actually know it. Hope you stop writing these kinda half assed BS articles again, seriously.

And if you have to question why they "already own one by default" you clearly did not understand how they conducted the survey. Maybe you should google this again and actually try to read and understand the last part:
予備調査:47753人/本調査:2540人/PS4購入者: 223人.

Try to understand the article before you pretend you know it and write about it. Really the worst journalism I've seen in a while.

finito821607d ago

interesting stats, but i think the parents bought the ps4 for the 14-19 yr olds, not because they are working

kingdom181607d ago

Maybe the younger groups, but I'd say 16 and up most save up/work for their consoles, I may be wrong but I'm just saying that as experience from what I've seen where I live, even though its likely that situation could be different there.

ZeroAtmin1607d ago

I still think that was the stupidest idea to release the ps4s later in japan without some big incentive like a fancy new game made by a Japanese dev. or you know the mythical last guardian

D3ATH_DRIV3R_7771607d ago

I went to this website and it's totally different from what i read at dualshockers! they jacked up the whole survey on how the japanese market rated the PS4! from percentage, to what they said, and the rating for it. Totally different on that garbage website.