5 Things I'd Like To See Happen in Fallout 4

"Fallout 4 has yet to be officially confirmed but damnit, I'm ready. I was ready yesterday. I was ready as soon as I finished Fallout 3. I was ready as the moment I first played Fallout: New Vegas. I've put in 403 hours on F:NV according to Steam, and at least another 350 in Fallout 3. I've suffered through endless bugs and glitches, good mods, bad mods, and tweaks and exploits with instruction pages that go on for days. I'm as ready as one person could possibly be."

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wallis1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

This is a good list. Personally I'd like to see better combat. Bethesda have a few studios under their belt, one of whom is id software who are still, in my opinion, one of the best developers for great feeling shooting mechanics. Maybe some consultation could go on so. Rage had great animations and great gunplay so I'd love to see just a little bit of that expertise bleed across into fallout 4. And of course VATS could make a return, it was a great alternative to running and gunning.

The author mentions facial animations and I agree with that, but like I said above I'd like it if a higher level of polish was brought to all the animations. I'd also like to see more quality voice actors instead of three or four huge names playing single characters, followed by six unknowns playing all the other 400 inhabitants of the world. Maybe just 50 or 60 reasonably competent guys who imbue the whole world with more variety and life.

Finally I think an important thing would be to follow the fallout bible. I really didn't like how the world was reduced in fallout 3, and I much preferred the open-ended faction filled world in fallout NV where you weren't just fighting slavers but were fighting Caesar's legion. I know they put it down to a different geographical setting but ultimately it just feels a tad hollow when I'm just shooting 'bandits', 'raiders' and 'slavers'. The fallout universe is filled with factions who have a range of ideologies and philosophies to explore and understand before you blow their brains out in slow-mo. It's a petty complaint but it helps with world-building.

Kal8531571d ago

I'd like to see less bugs than prior Bethesda games.