An Examination of Collectibles: The Good

Hardcore Gamer: For about as long video games have existed, the idea of collecting things has been a major part of them. Whether you're talking about point bonuses in the early score focused arcade games, power ups and coins in console platformers, or the meticulously hidden items of today, collectibles have long been a core component in games. The current idea of collectibles, that being a specific number of hidden objects that are scattered around a game world for the player to find if they choose to, is what I would like to take a closer look at.

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ValKilmer1607d ago

I don't mind collectibles so long as the game isn't BioShock.

nope1111607d ago

I don't know about the riddler trophies.... It was pretty exhausting.

Collectible hunting in Far Cry 3 was alot of fun though, and i love getting those Fallout3 bobble heads.

Skate-AK1607d ago

I like the riddler challenges. They actually make you think rather than just picking something up.