Call of Duty PS4: Why's the Soldier Crying?

Up at Noon, IGN's weekly comedy show, takes a stab at what the soldier in the new COD image is looking at.

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corvusmd1539d ago

Haha, pretty funny. However, why is it labeled as PS4? (by IGN). It has nothing to do with PS4 at all.

tgunzz1538d ago

He is crying because he was told that they are not getting booster packs since they wasn't available during WW1.

AceBlazer131539d ago

I'd be crying from laughter to if the 'CoD killer' barely made the impact the media said it would.

The hype is real
The hype is dead.

badboy7761538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

Shouldn't the Titanfall arrow be pointing down? Indicating the decline/downfall of FPS.

BadgerDeluxe1538d ago

He's crying because he's looking at the franchise's future

goldwyncq1538d ago

Now they're going to boast about real-time flowing of tears.

Ninjatogo1538d ago

They're moving to CryEngine?

nope1111538d ago


I get it!

AnEwGuY1538d ago

Well played, sir...the internets are yours for the day.

Fishermenofwar1538d ago

So cheese..But so funny..LMAO

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The story is too old to be commented.