GTA V on PS4

Well, it’s that time of year again when rumours start escalating in the gaming world, mainly due to the fact that people seem to be entertained much less credible rumours.

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Scrivlar1606d ago

I need this to happen so I have it for the next 5+ years without having to pull my 360 out every time I want to play it. more than happy to pay it.

HRoach6161606d ago

This is by far the best reason I have heard lol everyone wants to pull out GTA here and there to just mess around. If I ever get my old copy back anyway. It's such a hassle to pull out my old system.

Matt6661605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

or you could leave your old system set up along with your new system

Magicite1605d ago

Rockstar, make this suffering stop and say something.

BlakHavoc1606d ago

Would truly enjoy this game on a Next Gen console, but only if it saw some kind of enhancements other than the obvious visuals. Since that likely won't happen, i'd still buy but only cause i'm limited in games to play right now lol :p

showtimefolks1606d ago

i think we may get a better GTA online version with higher player count and more stable Online experience

single player wise better graphics/performance

BlakHavoc1606d ago

Agreed, just go ahead and announce it already.

showtimefolks1606d ago


I see GTA5 selling really well. like really really well on pc,xbox one and ps4

imagine if pc,xbox one and ps4 versions combined sell for a billion plus lol. release it in summer 2014 with not much to play and i see it doing very well(maybe not a billion lol)

showtimefolks1606d ago

can't wait to replay GTA5 on next gen/pc

josephayal1606d ago

Of course Rockstar is going to release the game for the new consoles, I’ll pay $150

Hk85karlsson1606d ago

The funny thing is that I have to pay 100$ everytime i buy a game. The prices in Sweden (for a AAA) is ridicolous.
But I´d gladly pay that (and some more, for a pretty enhanced, better physics, steady FPS GTA V) because I truly love the story in that game.

PainUzumaki1606d ago

Ill pay another $60 in a heartbeat. It just better have a complete graphic makeover, more details in the environment. Able to buy more property, more game modes, missions, able to walk in a lot more buildings, weapons, way more stable online, more vehicles, JUST MORE EVERYTHING!! Oh yea a customizable Heist where you design everything

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