How A Dumb Gaming Rumor Spreads

By Jason Schreier: "Let's take a quick trip into the strange world of video game rumors—and see how easy it is for misinformation to spread across the web.P

Today, rumors about the next Call of Duty popped up on a website called According to the article—posted under the byline "newsoftheday"—the next Call of Duty will be set during World War I, it'll be called "Call of Duty: Patriots," and it'll be out for current-gen systems and PC. P

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Gamer-401568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )
Yes, this very authentic site....


This picture totally WWI project..the helmet.. = Troll site.

TomShoe1568d ago

Yep, this was a scam for some guy to make a quick buck. You can't believe everything you see on the internet.

Also, relevant pics:


Rivitur1568d ago

Zombies making fallout 4 confirmed tho...

BX811567d ago

I read the title and thought to my self.... Just claim to be an "insider".

mochachino1567d ago

Yeah there are a lot of dumb gaming rumours. Not sure how they spread so easily, sometimes rumours turn out to be true though like the Kinect-less x1 sku coming this September.