Publishers Are Failing to Capitalize on the Canadian Dollar and Digital Sales

Hardcore Gamer: "The Canadian dollar has dropped in value over the last year, going from on par with the American dollar to ten cents below. To compensate for the ten percent difference, retailers across the country have risen the price of goods, including video games to offset the import fees. Unfortunately, there seems to be an interesting opportunity that publishers seem to be missing that could affect how Canadian gamers buy the bulk of their games."

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ValKilmer1571d ago

Interesting theory. Using the drop of currency value to switch an entire country to digital, eh?

DanteVFenris6661571d ago (Edited 1571d ago )

No Canadians say "eh" that's the weirdest stereo type or perhaps it's just an outdated one

snakebite361571d ago

I know a lot of Canadians that say "eh".

Soldierone1570d ago

I have a lot of Canadian friends that say "eh"

Mostly friends from the Quebec area say it.

Army_of_Darkness1570d ago

Eh man, I'm not buying anything new at full price anymore! Gonna just wait it out till a sale hits and slashes that ridiculous $69.99 price tag...
Whatever, I have a huge backlog of games on my ps3 to play anyways.

brish1570d ago

Since they raised the prices in Canada I buy fewer games.

ShaunCameron1569d ago

I bought only 2 games so far this year. DKC: Tropical Freeze and Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z. Both ofthem at $54.99 and $69.99 respectively plus 14.975% tax.

snarls2001571d ago

canada does not have a good enough internet infastructure to support all digital

DanteVFenris6661571d ago

Haha that's a riot. Maybe some urban locations similar to USA. But in cities where I live the internet is just as good. I use vita all digital and bought dcuo digital. It's not a problem.

1571d ago
kneon1571d ago

Canada has higher penetration of broadband than the US does.

Neonridr1570d ago

I get 20mbps, not too shabby.

HyperBear1571d ago

I was seriously thinking this as well...For a moment in time, when the cost of retail disc-based games started rising this year and the cost of digital stayed the same, I was thinking about going fully digital on my PS4 games. Then Sony updated the PSN Store for Canada, and increased the digital prices of games to $69.99...which didn't help my decision any better and letting me still buy disc-based games at same price.

But this is a great article, and as a Canadian, I can see going full digital happening in the very near future (It's happening already on PC with Steam/Origin), and once Sony and Microsoft wake up and knock digital prices down to $59.99CDN, they'll slowly start to see a change in the way customers in Canada would buy their games.

fenome1571d ago

From what I understood, Canada was getting screwed on prices already as it is, sounds like they're capitalizing on it just fine (which is not a good thing, mind you).

Digital prices are ridiculous as they stand right now as it is either way. They charge the same price yet they don't have to pay manufacturing or shipping fees. There are no Blu Ray disks to be printed, there are no disk sleeves or booklets. In essence they cut out the middle-man and still charge the full price, it's not cool..

HyperBear1571d ago

Well, we weren't really getting screwed on prices before February 2014. Our prices were on line with what the U.S. gamers were paying $59.99 for games and same console prices across the board. Then February hit and our dollar hit a low and that's when game publishers and manufacturers saw this as an opportunity to raise gaming prices for consoles and console gaming (AFAIK - Steam gamers in Canada still pay $59.99 and under for newly released PC games).

But I think this article is more-or-less trying to show publishers how they can change the landscape of how we buy our games in Canada. Don't forget, its mostly the publishers that want to go fully digital and cut out the extra manufacturing discs/retail business all together so they can maximize their profits and, as you said, "cut out the middle-man". So if the publishers came to a conclusion that, "What if we started selling our digital games for $59.99 and left the retail disc games remain at $69.99"...We would start to see a trend into moving into the "fully digital" era of console gaming as not many people would buy disc-based games for an extra $10/game, and the push to get more people to buy digital would begin. (However, Digital up in Canada would still have the negatives as in the States, with different variations of data speeds, infrastructure and data caps throughout the country, in some cases a single digital game could eat up a person's data cap for 1 month)

And I agree with you, Digital prices are still ridiculous for the most part, which in-turn, makes me want to stay as a disc-based purchaser of games :D

fenome1571d ago (Edited 1571d ago )

You get a 'Well Said' sir, and I should probably get a 'Trolling' for not reading the damn article. I just remember when my fellow gamers up north were talking about getting the shaft and it seems like it's trying to get worse.

I'm weary of the ways they're trying to monetize games now. Subscription fees, standard prices ($60 where I live) and micro-transactions all in the same game? REALLY?!

We've gotta be careful in this Gen and really vote with our wallets. If we just go along with everything they're gonna be raping our paychecks and hugging us with a smile when they've got a knife in our back, ya know?

Mobile games have screwed us, because they see that games like 'Candy Crush' or 'Angry Birds' can make upwards of $600,000 in a single day by getting each person to just 'donate' one dollar. It's like begging, but it stacks up way bigger than the blood, sweat and tears that it takes to make a AAA 'real' game (at least to the publishers wearing the suits).

That's one of the main reasons we've seen so many weird shifts in the game industry right now. Some people stand up, and some people are chasing that easy 'almighty' dollar sign.

Sorry about the Rant, but it is what it is, and it bothers me as a gamer..

memots1570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

I disagree , we were getting screwed and still are. The CDN dollars was worth close to 1.10 usd and yet we were still paying on part with us instead of paying less but the moment the dollar goes down now we have to pay extra ??

porkChop1570d ago

I've already started buying my PS4 games all digital because they're cheaper. Often they're $60 instead of $70, and on top of that I don't get charged the %13 tax. Saves me a bunch of money. And with PS+ I only paid $54 for Wolfenstein PS4 as opposed to $80 with tax at retail.

All publishers need to keep the digital versions at $60, they'll see more digital sales and make more money that way. Win/win.

Neonridr1570d ago

I think part of the problem comes down to ISP bandwith caps. I know myself I only get 125 GB worth of bandwith per month trhough my provider at my current level, so if these games are ringing in at 30-50GB, you could see how purchasing all digital could become an issue if 2 or 3 AAA titles released in the same month.

porkChop1570d ago

Are you in Canada? If so, look into Teksavvy. I pay $55+tax I believe, and it gets me 25+ mb/s download, plus completely unlimited bandwidth. And while my internet is rated at 25 mb/s I actually get an average of 35 to 40 as Teksavvy doesn't cap their speeds.

Neonridr1570d ago

@porkChop - yeah unfortunately where I live (just outside Guelph in Ontario) they don't offer service. I am limited to only a few providers, and the one I have is actually rated very well. Personally the bandwith cap isn't an issue as I RARELY ever go over (happened maybe once in the last year - but I was on a download binge).