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HG: It's been some time since I've left a demo as impressed as I was with Among the Sleep. A fresh new take on the horror genre, it's funny how a simple change in perspective can turn what is quickly becoming a tired trend of similar, both mechanically and in terms of theme, horror games and turn them on their head. Starting as an interesting idea hoping to get its footing via Kickstarter, said Kickstarter ended up being a success and now, through Steam, a demo is available. The demo, much like the Kickstarter that birthed it, seems to be a success itself and should give peace of mind to those who backed the game all those months ago.

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ValKilmer1423d ago

Will this thing ever come out?

SpiralTear1423d ago

I hope so. It looks awesome.

Neonridr1423d ago

I backed this game, so I am still waiting. But there is a demo out, so now I am going to give it a go.

ValKilmer1423d ago

Wasn't the Kickstarter like two years ago?

SlapHappyJesus1423d ago

It's about to approach a year since the kickstarter ended.

finito821423d ago

been a long time hope it comes out.