Mario Kart 8: Top Trending Item on Facebook, Direct Result of Abruptly Making a Big Announcement

As seen in the screenshot taken by Nintendo Enthusiast, Mario Kart 8 is trending on Facebook as of now.


Update: For those who do not know, unlike Twitter, Facebook trending is tailored based on who your friends are and what they've liked. Because of that, we've decided to use a fresh account. You can view the screenshot of that account here: http://nintendoenthusiast.c...

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DryBoneKoopa851607d ago

That's great news! Clearly this Direct is helping to propel Nintendo into super hype mode for E3. Nintendo just need to maintain it until E3 next month.

Neonridr1607d ago

well with MK8 launching at the end of next month. The inevitable sales boost and hopefully mega positive reviews of that game will get people hyped up about Nintendo, then less than two weeks later we have E3 where hopefully Nintendo will blow the lid off by finally showing the next Zelda game and letting people play the next Smash Brothers.

-Foxtrot1607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

It's really not that big of deal you know

You do realise trends on Facebook are influenced by your likes and who you are friends with.

"Facebook is also taking advantage of its wealth of structured data about what people Like and who they’re close to so it can inform its Trends"

Unlike Twitter this isn't "trending" for everyone. My trending list could be different to others

So if your a gamer, and you most likely already know about games, Nintendo, the Wii U, the directs etc and you follow or are friends with people who share the same interests as you then it's going to appear on the trending box.

If your a journalist with friends within the place you write for and are friends with people in the industry then your trending topics will mostly be about gaming.

To the average joe though, their trends could be completely different.

MasterChief36241607d ago

You must be so fun at parties.

-Foxtrot1607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )


Why because I'm stating facts

The article is making out it's made such a huge wave by getting popular enough to become a trend on Facebook when the trends which are shown are influenced by YOUR likes and YOUR friends. If your a gamer, then it's more likely it's going to appear on your trending list. I even have a link to show you this.

I highly doubt everyone on here has this in their trending list. I don't but then again thats because most of my friends are gym/sports people and most of my likes on Facebook are of Films.

The truth hurts, but if you honestly want to make out this is such a huge deal and that they've achieved something then go ahead, lie about it.

Really hate when people on this site will lie to themselves and hate when people point the truth out, then go onto reply to someone with an off topic comment. So basically I'm not in the wrong you just don't like that I pointed something out.

ctorretta1607d ago

Not sure why people are disagreeing with you, other than being petty fanboys (on N4G?! never!).

Trending on Facebook is not the same as trending on Twitter. It is highly personalized, so of course it is trending on the personal facebook of the guy/girl who runs Nintendo Enthusiast.

This isn't a debatable point. This is how Trending works on Facebook, which makes this article and the headline moot (in the best case) or deceiving (in the worst case).

Thatguy-3101607d ago

Lol delusional people are down voting when you're clearly stating reality. It's funny how people enjoy lying to themselves in order for them to be happy hahaha I agree if this were a twitter thing then Yea since that calculates the whole trend of the network

ChickeyCantor1607d ago

So basically what you're saying is that because it might not be effective they shouldn't do it?

Any kind of advertisement is good when it takes little to no effort.

-Foxtrot1607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )


It dosen't matter that you've created a new account, I bet you didn't clear your COOKIES and browsing history which TRENDING USES.

For god sake man, why are people trying to spin this.

Even if it didn't use cookies and history stored on your computer you think it's an achievement for mostly NEW USERS to Facebook to see Mario Kart trending.



"So basically what you're saying is that because it might not be effective they shouldn't do it?"

Eh? I never said that

My point is the sites making it out to be this HUGE achievement when it honestly comes down to what YOUR Facebook is personalised like.

You can't make something out of a feature on Facebook which is all about a number of different variables

EDIT: Below

Yeah ok mate, I'm sure you did do "EVERYTHING". You wouldn't admit this even if you knew I was in the right here.

You most likely didn't even clear your cookies/browsing history.

DanManDantheMan1607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

Cookies and browsing history are cleared. All bases have been covered. The only person spinning this is you.

Testfire1607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

Foxtrot, I'm a Nintendo fan and you're totally right. This article is rubbish. I just checked my account and a Kurt Cobain story is on top, nearest gaming related trend is #7 about Disney Infinity. The mods need to take this down as its being reported as news when it's not.

It's the worst kind of journalism, reporting false news as fact, the author should be embarrassed and take down his/her article.

N4g_null1606d ago

So basically it could be trending if you have wii fans. Well that is good enough, there are only 20 million to 100 million and you just have to let people know it is coming out and it's sweet.

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ritsuka6661607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

But but No E3 is a epic fail mistake of Nintendo! Say the logic of haters. lol

3-4-51607d ago

Having MK8 hype leading into E3 is a HUGE boost for Nintendo compared to Sony & Microsoft.

They have Watch Dogs or whatever, but more people will be talking about MK8, and potentially how awesome it is, which will give positive momentum for Nintendo & Wii U at E3.

R00bot1607d ago

Speaking of Watch_Dogs, we still need a Wii U release date for it. I plan on getting it on the Wii U, but not if it releases too long after the other versions. They've at least gotta confirm a date before the others launch.

3-4-51607d ago

So I buy Mario Kart 8 & I can get Pikmin 3 for FREE.

Holy crap, just saved me $60 as I was going to buy that eventually anyways.

Thanks Nintendo.

* That was a good direct, finally got some more good info about the game.

I love that we don't know about Battle Mode yet though, I still want to kind of be surprised by something.

R00bot1607d ago

Holy cow, can you imagine Battle Mode upside down, flying, underwater, on the walls and the right way up? Not to mention with online multiplayer. This'll be great.

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admiralvic1607d ago

I'm not surprised. The mention of free games with MK8 alone is going to get people talking and generate good buzz.

Palitera1607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

Who would say that you don't need a teaser for the annoucement of the trailer of a press release to tell the lift date of the info embargo to achieve great visibility?

Convas1607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

I actually agree with you.

Nintendo did the right thing here. Announce what you're going to announce and be done with it.

Other publishers need to quit the crap of "OH MAN, WE'VE GOT THIS GREAT ANNOUNCEMENT ABOUT A TEASER THAT WILL FOLLOW BEFORE OUR BIG REVEAL!! - A CG PREVIEW!!1!! coming ... soon?"

There's a time and a place for everything, including the element of surprise, and Ninty did a great job proving that today.

R00bot1607d ago

Yep, often when you hype people up for an announcement they expect too much and end up disappointed. The element of surprise really gets rid of that chance of disappointing the over-hyped.

ctorretta1607d ago

Like FoxTrot says, this really doesn't mean anything. I mean, it isn't bad news but of course it is trending on Nintendo Enthusiasts's personal facebook page.

Point of comparison -- my facebook page is heavily videogame focused and regularly has tech/videogame items trending. There is no reference to Mario Kart 8 though.

This is not news. Mario Kart 8 will be popular, but it trending on a Nintendo fan's personal Facebook 'trending' feed means nothing.

-Foxtrot1607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

Someone gets it

It's not a bad. thing..but it's not worth trying to make a big deal over like they've achieved something

It's damage control at it's best from Nintendo focused websites.

Sorry to be blunt but it comes off as desperate if you know how trending works

The disagrees show you how immature N4G can be.

weekev151607d ago

You did so well to start with a sensible reply then it tailed off into trolling.

Yes this is not a big deal because its personal to a self confessed Nintendo enthusiasts page. But its hardly a desperate move, given the amount of hype around this game AND we now get a free game with it.

thezeldadoth1607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

its trending on mine, as is a bunch of other random stuff that i've never clicked on.

i just asked a couple friends who don't look at gaming news or gaming anything to see, and its on theirs as well

go ahead and click disagree, it won't change the situation

-Foxtrot1607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

The random stuff is most likely random, not every single trend you have is associated to your likes/friends. Either that of you have friends who have clicked on things which relate to these "random" stuff you have

From what I'm guessing since your called thezeldadoth I'm guessing you have a ton of Nintendo themed groups liked on your Facebook. It would recognise this as Nintendo themed and so your trending list would focus on Nintendo themed trends such as Mario Kart since thats the most recent.

So don't say people are "down playing" it when thats not true.

It's not appearing for EVERYONE since it's not how the trending works.

I have 10 trending stuff right now and none of them are on games in general. I've asked friends and they haven't got it either so you know.

Here's mine.

Kurt Cobain: Note From Kurt


Emma Stone

Atlético Madrid Champions League Semifinal

Donald Sterling

Simon Cowell

Prince Harry

Bob Hoskins: Bob Hoskins Dies

England National Football Team


Yeah sure ok then mate whatever....state whatever you want to try and counter my point. Even if I was right (which I think I am knowing how trending works), you wouldn't admit it.

thezeldadoth1607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

^ You failed pretty hard at projecting and guessing. I have no nintendo groups and mainly use ign and n4g. I also primarily play PC but occasionally nintendo games. I am a fan of nintendo, but not to the extent that you're assuming. I also have 360, ps3 as well. You people need to quit assuming that when you see somebody's opinion on a hobby (gaming) that you immediately can determine who the person in general is.

I'm out of bubbles, so go ahead and make your quirky reply.

browngamer411607d ago

It's trending in my top ten too, currently sitting at #6 on my FB page...

GrandpaSnake1607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

they are just advertising and promoting. generating hype, they are doing what they're supposed to by kinda lying to you. people need to start reading between the lines though. this type of mind trick works very well in the gaming industry.

with that said i know nintendo is spending millions to advertise this game over everything else they have out so far.

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thezeldadoth1607d ago

thats the same trending list for most people right now. the downplaying comments above are overreacting a bit.

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