Driveclub: Free PS Plus Edition Detailed; New info on Car Customization, Tracks, Realism and More

With the re-reveal of Driveclub happened yesterday the newly appointed Game Director Paul Rustchynsky is hard at work responding to the questions of the fans, giving details on several aspects of the game.

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rarity1573d ago

They said the tracks will be massive can't wait to try them out Myself.

Abriael1573d ago

I'm not sure 5 minutes top is what I'd define "massive," It's not Nurburgring massive, but that's pretty big.

rarity1573d ago (Edited 1573d ago )

Oh well I still can't wait to play it. Question: does anyone know the amount of cars in the game?

GarrusVakarian1573d ago (Edited 1573d ago )

"There will be the possibility to turn the HUD off like in inFAMOUS: Second Son."

Oh god yes. That would be great. Nothing on the screen but jaw-dropping visuals. It would also be more challenging for people who race with manual gear changes, having to listen to the sound of the car to judge when to shift up or down due to their being no speedometer.

Make it happen guys!

GameSpawn1573d ago (Edited 1573d ago )

"I'm not sure 5 minutes top is what I'd define "massive," It's not Nurburgring massive, but that's pretty big."

The Red Bull does Nurburg in under 5 in GT5:

That car is bat$%^& insanely hard to drive like a master though. I have no issues with Nurburg with the lower to mid class cars, but 600PP (Performance Points) and over I can't keep the damn things on the road in certain sections.

Dee_911573d ago

I don't know why I was still thinking this was an open world game..I really want to like this game, but everything i'm hearing so far is really generic racer stuff.I guess its my fault for letting my imagination run wild when they announced this game...I'm sure I will still like the game regardless but still, hopefully they blow me away at e3

UltimateMaster1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

"The length of the roads and race tracks in DRIVECLUB **vary massively**"
Meaning there could be some very short tracks like there could be very long tracks.

"with some that you can speed around in less than a minute and others that stretch on for miles. "

memots1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

5 minutes is pretty big for any real life circuit.

Agret1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

Dmarc-"I don't know why I was still thinking this was an open world game.."

You are thinking of "The Crew" from Ubisoft

Lucas-"It would also be more challenging for people who race with manual gear changes, having to listen to the sound of the car to judge when to shift up or down due to their being no speedometer. "

If they do a proper cockpit view you can just use the in-car gauges :)

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Foraoise1573d ago

So is it "free" as in you get to keep it and play it forever (even after your sub runs out?)

It'd be dumb for a lite version to require the subscription to play it. I mean, it makes sense that you get it via PS+, but you should be able to keep a lite version forever. What do you guys think? Does this run out like the other games? (I get the 'full game' require sub thing, but not a 'lite' one.)

Halfway asleep. Hope that made sense.

KwietStorm1573d ago

The same as any other free game on PS+

Foraoise1573d ago


I can see how that'd work for full games, but for a less-than-full version such as this, it seems kind of pointless to even make a second edition that simply expires as any other 'full' game.

jonatan2211572d ago

You can't expect Sony to just give away a new title for free....

Anyways, this is more for promotion. I'm sure they are confident on the game being good enough to make people get the full version, but people who can't or are unable to spend loads of money can still enjoy a less beefed up version.

Jack_Reacher1572d ago

While I can see your point I guess i'm sorry but you just seem to be yet another person who wants the earth for nothing. you get loads with PS+ and a crack at this game without spending any more money.

You come across as a bit selfish to be honest.

And thats just my opinion.

FamilyGuy1572d ago

It's a brand new "AAA" game, slimmed down to make it equivalent to those $15 ranged psn titles that PS+ has been giving out. Those $15 games require PS+ so why shouldn't this? From the description it has much more in it than a demo.

Why would a PS4 owner let PS+ expire anyways?

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Guwapo771572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

That sounded real Japanese.

At least in my head. LoL

k3rn3ll1572d ago

I did it with the divekick voice lol

Guwapo771572d ago

LMAO...I had to look up Divekick. OMFG. :( hahaha But yes that was the voice I had in my head...just not DiveKick. LoL

dodgemoose1573d ago

Look forward to trying out the PS Plus edition. I'm hoping they don't focus on this game too much at E3 though.

Farsendor11573d ago

same here, we have seen it already i want to see new things.

bleedsoe9mm1573d ago

if they don't mention it at E3 might be a sign they are just pooping it out and moving on , if they try to hype it , it could be a sign they think its going to be great and want to build the brand .

dodgemoose1573d ago

I didn't say they shouldn't mention it, rather that they shouldn't focus on it. A quick 5 minute slot would suffice.
Quick trailer -> 'Here's what we've done' speech -> Next.

stavrami-mk21573d ago

Hmmmm I have concerns over the arcade race style if there's rubber band racing evolved my hype for this game will be officially buried.

lex-10201572d ago

I've actually gotten to play #driveclub, granted it was an old version, but it wasn't very arcady. There was no rubberbanding and you couldn't just throw on the breaks last second to drift through a turn. It wasn't as realistic as GT or Forza but more realistic than NFS. Its a hard mix to describe, sorta an intermediate racing sim. Hard to explain.

stavrami-mk21572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

glad to hear that you have actually played it keeps my hope alive anyways . i'm not a great racing gamer but appreciate skill .rubber banding sucks the fun away . i don't suppose you see any customisation and weather its quite deep or minimal ??

lex-10201572d ago


I only got one race and wasn't able to really get into customization and such. I can say that the game required you to slow down going around turns, it had those arrows that change from green to red to tell you if you were going to fast to make the turn. It was a nice mix, not to sim like but not to NFS like. There were some other interesting things. Each PS4 was hooked up to a camera and you could take a picture at the start of the race. So as you approached other racers it would show their picture above the car. Overall I enjoyed it and am looking forward to the free version to try out some more.

Disclaimer. When I played it it was before it went "back to the drawing board" so a lot could have changed since.

memots1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

From what i have seen and understood from all i could read about this is its a mix between Project Gotham racing and a more sims like approach ( Forza/Gt ).

basically action like Pgr and control feeling like a sim. Should be good.

Also stavrami-mk2 i agree about the rubberband effect . Motorstorm 2 had it pretty bad and it killed it for me.

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