Disney Infinity 2.0 – The Marvel Super Heroes are Ready to Take on the Skylanders

In a move to be the undisputed leader in the toys-to-life genre Disney Interactive announced Disney Infinity Marvel Super Heroes. Bigger and badder than ever before we’ve got all the info you need inside.

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smoothdude1607d ago

I guess star wars will be next?

NBT911607d ago

It's just a matter of time dude, the lightsaber is already in the game as an unlockable.

waltyftm1607d ago

I want, no I NEED that Hulk.

HugoDrax1607d ago

Guess I'll be buying each character, I already have 15 characters, a few power disc and a carrying case to store them in.

maniacmayhem1607d ago

Absolute Gold! And when Star Wars finally comes...GAME OVER!

LightDiego1607d ago

I want a game, not toys, i'm not 8 years old anymore.
Spyro > Skylanders.
Thanks for ruining another series, Activision.

hkgamer1607d ago

maybe you was 8 when you liked spyro? Spyro was a good gaem, actually excellent, but maybe you was a kid when you played it and may have grown out of it by now.

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