Do We Really Need All These Xbox One Remasters?

Whispers of a long-rumoured Mass Effect trilogy remaster resurfaced this week, opening up the floor for discussion about whether there are too many familiar faces on next generation consoles.

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Dlacy13g1421d ago

Personally I am not a fan of HD remasters but I have to take this article to task. "Do We Really Need All These Xbox One Remasters?" All of these? You mean like all 1 so far which was Tomb Raider? Seems a bit like someone is running around saying the sky is falling to me.

Neonridr1421d ago

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that we may see a Halo 2 remastered edition mentioned at E3.

micx1421d ago

That's possible, I'm actually expecting it.

Dlacy13g1421d ago

I agree its a strong possibility based on rumors heard, but the fact remains the Xbox One only has 1 HD remaster on the system of right now. Just feels like we may be putting the carriage before the horse here.

nicksetzer11421d ago

Yes, because they are remaking one xbox eclusive game it is "all these"

Should we be worried about TLOU, flower, sound shapes, etc. (I don't think so, but if 1 game is bad, multiple must be horrid)

randomass1711421d ago

Halo 2 Anniversary is more of a remake though. It's not going to be a game from last year with slightly better graphics. Remakes like that tend to get a huge overhaul visually. Halo Anniversary was quite beautiful on 360 and I think Halo 2 will be even more so.

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SpiralTear1421d ago

Targeting the Xbox One specifically on this is ridiculous, as Microsoft's track record on HD remasters is actually rather concise (at least first-party).

As to whether we need more HD remasters as a whole, I'd say no. I think the Tomb Raider situation was a blatant cash-grab, and while I think there have been some great HD remakes over the years (the Team ICO collection and the Wind Waker HD game are two that come to mind), a majority of these remasters are unneeded.

My thoughts, though.

Charybdis1421d ago (Edited 1421d ago )

You are wright though no big deal title is specific because from a xbox site

randomass1711421d ago

That's a good point. Sony's repertoire of HD remasters is much, much higher. Wonder why the author only targeted Xbox One...

NeoTribe1421d ago

Theres an article with the same name but with ps4 at the end of it, so its not really singled out. One troll makes a article bashing one console, so another troll fires back with the same thing. Nothing new here.

BattleTorn1421d ago (Edited 1421d ago )

I'm taking a per release approach to remasters.

I love Tomb Raider:DE, namely because I didn't fully play through the game the previous year.

And I am also very much looking forward to Last of Us: Remastered.

And then there's Mass Effect - at which I begin to draw the line. I have ALREADY double dipped on Mass Effect 3 to see the 'definitive experience' when the Wii U launched. I can't in my right mind go for round 3

Then there's GTA V - hehe - which I know I'd probably wait in a midnight line all over again to get a nextgen copy of. :P

Kurisu1421d ago

I've not bought GTA V yet, so I'm hoping for a next gen remaster of that so I can play it when I get a PS4. That's if it releases on PS4...imagine if MS paid R* for exclusive rights of a remaster of GTA V for the One. Conspiracy...

3-4-51421d ago

Last Gen for Xbox was pretty empty and hollow.

There were a few gems I had a blast with, but it was probably the least enjoyable, least memorable collection of games I played on any system.

* Almost none of the 360 games I played from 2007 until now make me want to replay them.

* There are 15+ Original Xbox games I'd love to play, but that was when they were pumping out tons of original content.

* What I've realized it this past gen was mostly sports games & " Of the Moment, FPS games, where if you didn't play initially, you didn't get to experience the full game.

* Half the the games we COULD go back and play would be pointless because the communities from those games are gone because it was multiplayer focused.

* Once the community leaves, the games dies, IF it is multiplayer focused.

That is why there are so many gems from 1995-2005 that are STILL VERY PLAYABLE today, because they were mostly single player focused games.

ma1asiah1421d ago (Edited 1421d ago )

Really, Thank God you said games you played.

Alan Wake
Witcher 2 (for those who didn't have a PC powerful enough to run it)
Lost Odyssey
Blue Dragon
Kameo Elements of Power
Fable 2
Nighty Nine Nights
Saints Row
Shadow Complex
Gears Of War 1, 2 and 3 (lets just forget Judgment ever existed)
Halo 3, 4 ODST and Reach
Dead Rising (only 2 was multiplat)
PG3 and the Forza series

Then you had games that made their first appearence on Xbox before going multiplat

Mass Effect and Bioshock to name but a few

Now those are just the ones I remember of the top of my head and pretty much most of those were really descent titles but hey that is just my opinion

TekoIie1421d ago


I wouldnt just completely ignore GeoW: Judgement. Those campaign challenges and the new OverRun mode were great additions.

Problem was pretty much just the standard multiplayer portion had been changed so much that it wasnt the same.

Bigpappy1421d ago

I couldn't even think of an Xbox one remake. Tomb Raider was a next gen remake, not Xbox specific.

Halo 2 is the only Xbox one remake I have even heard of. It is PS4 that is scheduled to release many remakes. This article is asking the wrong crowd about their desire or lack thereof for HD remakes.

DigitalRaptor1421d ago

"It is PS4 that is scheduled to release many remakes"


SoulSercher6201421d ago (Edited 1421d ago )

The Last of Us Remastered and FF14 is many? Do some research for God's sake.

randomass1711421d ago

Two remasters is not really "many" for PS4...

ma1asiah1421d ago

and to boot that one remastered game is a multiplat title lol

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incendy351421d ago

Need? No, I don't think we need them. I do want the Mass Effect remasters though. Mostly because I have the PC versions and they still do not support controllers. Which is just crazy to me. Why port a controller based game to PC and remove the controller support.

bessy671421d ago

I'll buy the Mass Effect trilogy if that rumor turns out to be true, and I'd buy Halo 2 Anniversary as well. Generally I'd like new games but especially early in the new console lifecycles where games are somewhat scarce remasters don't bother me.

MasterD9191421d ago

I would buy the ME trilogy. However, I would need a firm confirmation that ALL of the DLC packs for ALL three games are included in this bundle. I would hate to see DLC's translated to next-gen for the ME trilogy, as well as them potentially not even being released...

I do feel it could end up being a slippery-slope though in regards to the fact that these games are still somewhat recent, and the idea that they already need an HD remastered release is a bit futile. However, as I said before...depending upon what series gets the HD revival, I can see myself easily picking it up if it is worth it.

randomass1711421d ago

That wouldn't be the worst deal. Mass Effect has some screwy DLC attached to it, so it actually would be pretty nice to get a version of the game with it all isolated onto the disc.

AutoCad1421d ago

complain about remastered games on xbox one,but will go out and buy last of us on ps4.

KonsoruMasuta1421d ago

The website is called

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