PS4 USB Video Export vs. Facebook Video Export Shows Double The Size And Quality

GearNuke: "The newest PS4 firmware update allows export of videos to USB, which results in some great quality videos ready to be uploaded to YouTube. Considering the fact that originally we were stuck with simply uploading to Facebook, this is a great feature to be had, and makes for a good alternative to a capture card."

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tigertron1603d ago

An example of a USB video export that I did earlier. Though you need to take Youtube's compression into account...

Farsendor11603d ago

not a bad video, im guessing we will be seeing a lot more ps4 videos all over youtube which is pretty cool.

hopefully some peeps make a few music videos i love those.

tigertron1603d ago

Yeah I'm really pleased that we can now upload game videos to Youtube.

I never had a capture card or anything so being able to just copy files to USB and to simply plug in my PC and upload to Youtube is great. It's so easy to do.

levian1603d ago

If we can save the video to a USB drive, does that mean we can use an external hard drive as well? I have a nice 2TB one sitting around unused...

Mega241603d ago

It clearly got improved, and the edit tools are amazing, but need more transitions and fx tools. It is a great App though. 8/10 for me, and as a Vega user it was really easy to understand, can't say for un-experienced others though.

Ninjatogo1603d ago

The learning curve isn't that steep. There are tons of controls on screen but I think they did a great job simplifying the interface while keeping depth. I haven't done video editing in years, so I was quite impressed when I was able to pick it up and run through all the features/effects in about 30 min.

Father__Merrin1603d ago

i didnt find it easy to use TBH il spend some more time with it.

also i noticed the game video saves seem smoother than before?

Moe-Gunz1603d ago

I agree. I've been showing my test to everyone and they really like it. My main issue is the lack of fading for audio. I'm a Adobe Premiere, Vegas, Final Cut Pro, and Avid user so it was simple to me.

christian hour1603d ago


If I never have to use an Avid editing suite again I can die happy. The one we had in college was from the triassic period. There was always a rush to get the macs with Final Cut or one with an Adobe Suite.

The Share Factory is very handy, I found it easy to use myself but that woudl come with years of professional editing experience. Although since there's now the ability to export to USB I'll probably do most my editing on PC. After Effects the poop outta my clips :D

I do agree, an audio fade is definitely needed. You can do a hard cut that is immediately followed by one of those *BA DING! PRRRAY STASHUUN!* graphics so it doesnt seem to jarring when the music just stops.

Theres an option to change the volume, so all they need to do is add the ability to insert keyframes on the audio so you can have it transition between numerous values. Doubt it would be too hard of an addition and no doubt they will be updating it a tonne over the next few years.

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porkChop1603d ago

We REALLY need a new video sharing site like YouTube but with Gamersyde's quality and 60fps videos.

Septic1603d ago

Yeah definitely. Youtube just doesn't cut it anymore.

Shadonic1603d ago

looks pretty good, might start uploading to youtube again now.

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okmrman1603d ago

i took a shot at the share factory this morning and it came out pretty well

take a look

Neixus1603d ago

whoah, nice RPG shot at the start =D

Ace Killa 081603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

He literally "took a shot" with that clip :P lol epic shot brother. It is much more clearer.

I can't see a huge difference. If anything a bit sharper on yours compared to mine -

Mind you I uploaded straight from PS4 back at launch day.

NVM i finally was able to do a good side by side comparison and your capture much more clear and brighter

Septic1603d ago

Nice vid (your own music?)

Quality is MILES better

okmrman1603d ago

That's the music that came with the sharefactory

koolaid2511603d ago

Nice I have to try and make a video with ShareFactory.

christian hour1603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

The music timed up so well with that helicopter rocket shot at the start! Awesome clips in there @okmrman

Looking forward to having a bit more music to use in sharefactory hopefully over the next few months. Does anybody know waht the policy is in using your own music?

I write/record some stuff myself, but I'm curious as to whether you can use stuff in the public domain on youtube/facebook as well? Or would it get flagged? I would totally just stick on some ol' timey ragtune songs from the public domain to juxtapose all the clips of explosions :D

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AutoCad1603d ago

why cant you just upload it straight to youtube.?

SaffronCurse1603d ago

For now you can export it to a USB key and upload it through there.

porkChop1603d ago

I think that will come when we finally get a native YouTube app for PS4.

NovusTerminus1603d ago

Can I export to am external HDD? Or does it have to be a thumb drive?

Goro1603d ago

I can now transfer to USB, kind of takes away the point of having a HD PVR, which is a good thing :)

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